Welcome to Splendette!


Splendette is born from my love of all things mid century. I want to bring you beautiful vintage inspired jewellery to compliment both your lovely repro and treasured, true vintage outfits.

Coming from a background of fashion design and buying, I’m finally realising my dream of working on both an era and on products that I really and truly love.

My passion for mid century design and living has inspired me to get creative and bring you all the beautiful things I can possibly think of, and there are a lot. Believe me.

I use vintage as inspiration for the jewellery designs and bring it up to date with modern day materials. We sell online (here!) and at some of the weekenders throughout the year so please drop by and say hi. We’ll also look at wholesale in the future but not just yet, I’m afraid!

I’m super excited that you can join me on this journey and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for the future!

Lotsa love,

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