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If you have been keeping an eye on our Instagram and Facebook you would have seen a few stacks of branding spanking new bangles. Aren't they fabulous?! Duotone is inspired by vintage carvings of the mid century years (Splendette HQ's fave, obvs) and I reckon they blend in with our other ranges perfectly! We are especially loving the clash of Flamingo and Parrot, as well as the throwback to one of the first ranges Eeva designed, renamed as Lover and Hater.

The Collection

There are six partnerships in the collection, totaling twelve new colours. Don't say we don't spoil you lovely lot! Each colour comes in the three widths of bangle (Narrow, Midi and Wide), as well as matching a beaded necklace and a pair of earrings. As promised, we are trying to produce all of our main seasonal launches (spring, summer, autumn and winter) in all of the three sizes (Maiden, Classic and Duchess). If you haven't seen our wee update about Regular becoming Classic, we have a short but sweet blog explaining why.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone stoak of orange Sunset yellow Sunrise red Lover black Hater with leopard print

So what have we got coming for you?

First up, what is it they say? Birds of a feather flock together? It doesn't get more kitschy vintage inspired than Flamingo and Parrot. Take them from your tropical paradise front lawn and adorn your wrist with a stack of carved fakelite fabulouslness, with a Duotone of bright pink and mint green. Flamingo is the vibrant pink number and Parrot is its twin with a mint green base. The earrings are bloomin' marvellous drop hoops which are going to add a splash of colour to any totally tropical 1950s style outfit.

Keeping it bright and beautiful, Sunrise and Sunset are little rays of sunshine. Literally. It's a juicy combo inspired by many Mediterranean holidays of summers past. Repping the morning is yellow based Sunrise with orange carving, and then seeing out the day is Sunset which is a switcharoo of orange with yellow carving.  The earrings are slices of heaven which look like segments of your fave citrus fruits.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950 style fashion fakelite Duotone yellow Sunrise orange Sunset drop earrings

Let's freshen it up a bit with the greens. We have Spring, which is the lighter green, and Summer, the darker green. Together they create a beautiful natural couple which we love combining with a splash of pink or going a bit more tropical with one of the woven trios. We've stuck to the classic thicker hoop shape for the earrings, both with beautiful carvings in the fakelite, and same for the beads. I really love the Spring beads in this collection and think they go with so many vintage inspired outfits, especially if you're partial to a pastel.

Following on with the natural theme let's get the floral feeling going. Clematis and Violet are our pick of the purples for this Duotone collection. Clematis is the lighter purple, with Violet carving in geometric petal shapes, mimicked and reversed for the mid-purps Violet variety. Just like with the greens we have gone for a simple hoop for the earrings, but the carving is just a little bit different (we do like to keep it all shook up here).

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone green stack Spring Summer Chartreuse Forest leopard print

Sometimes you just want to go for more of the natural look. For that, let me introduce to you Almond and Walnut. Although they are made from fakelite the brown Duotone combo is great for adding a wood effect to your stack. Wood effect was a big trend in the mid-century years, so this is our little nod to that. Whether your want to go for a 1940s westernwear style or a more tropical 1950s vibe, adding a dash of Almond and Walnut will elevate your look to new levels.

And last but not least we have Lover and Hater. As I said at the top of this piece, they are inspired by one of our first collections way back when in 2015. Everyone in the Facebook group has been screaming out for us to bring back that collection, and although we try not to reissue the exact same sets, we will take inspiration from previous ones. Lover is a vivacious red with contrasting white carvings, whilst Hater is its darker partner with a inky black base. I think everyone should have both of these in their collections as they create such good breaks between all the other colours.  

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone stack Almond Walnut brown black Hater leopard print tropical western wear

We are SO excited by this collection. It has such a summery vibe and think some of the partnerships will be firm favourites with you bunch of marvellous people. If you need a quick fakelite fix we have the combos coming in sets of three bangles as well so you can pick them up and pop 'em in your baskets lickety spit.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and plan autumn!

(Oh...did you spot that there are four new leopard colours as well? Hehe!)

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Loads of Leopard

Loads of Leopard

Way back when in those hazy days of 2015 when Splendette was born it was obvious that leopard print was going to be a staple in the stacks we created. Sticking to the traditional colour of yellow with black spots, our Yellow Leopard Bangle has been one of our all time best sellers, and has been repeatedly restocked throughout the seasons.

Splendette vintage inspired stack of fakelite bangles with leopard print coral pink yellow teal

So...why leopard print? The 1950s has many iconic fashion styles and characteristics, but one of the most famous has to be its fiery use of leopard print. Synonymous with the bad boy/girl image of the new teenage culture it became a cult wardrobe piece of any rockabilly and hotrodder. The print was then adopted by numerous subcultures, such as the punks of the 1970, and the neo-rockabillies and pyschobillies of the 1980s. 

It's no wonder why our original leopard print bangle is so popular! As a result of this we decided that although a leopard can't change its spots, it can change its colour. In summer 2019 Orange Leopard Bangle hit the website to a roaring success (yes, pun completely intended).

Splendette stack of vintage inspired 1950s style leopard print bangles yellow and orange

And now we are super pleased to launch NINE new colours of leopard print. All eleven colourways are available in Regular, Maiden and Duchess bangles and will have matching drop hoop earrings so you can be a real rockabilly rebel.

Rainbow stack of vintage inspired 1950s style leopard print fakelite bangles

L-R Brown, Mulberry, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Jade, Blue, Grape, Pink, White

These are going to unleash so many wild sides in you lot! Which is your favourite?

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Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!

I've been teasing you all with this campaign for so long and I'm so happy to say that our Autumn 2019 range is finally live on the website! So, what have we got for you...

There are seven new colours and, for the first time, all three widths of our fakelite bangles are coming in all three sizes! We know how important it is that your Duchesses and Maidens are taken care of as well so we have taken on board your feedback and made sure all of our fakelite is available for everyone.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style autumn 2019 fakelite bangles

Roasty toasty stack featuring: Mulberry, Fox and Mouse

There was a heavy 1940s fashion vibe going for this range, but, obviously, you can wear these for any vintage inspired outfit. Take Fox for example; its a gorgeous burnt orange colour which transcends through the decades. It could be paired with brown Mouse for a 1940s style, or spice it up by teaming it with Catkin to make the stack more mid century modern. Mulberry is an excellent addition to either of these stacks and adds another layer of warmth.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style fakelite bangle jewellery

Green with envy stack featuring: Catkin, Fern and Alder

Green is always a super popular colour with you lovely lot. So, this season you are getting two brand spanking new greens! Alder is a vibrant green which brightens up the stack and is another that covers not only the decades but also the seasons; it partners beautifully with any of our other greens. Also joining the green gang is Fern which is a much deeper green and features some of the most beautiful carving we have done!

Splendette vintage inspired Twilight blue fakelite bead necklace

Completing the autumnal squad is Twilight blue. Inspired by crisp, clear nights when the stars shine it is a deep blue base with carved star bursts - a sophisticated new edition to the blue collection. Twilight also comes in all of the fakelite bangle varieties, and leads us nicely on to talk our bead necklaces and earrings...

All of the colour varieties have matching earrings and necklaces. Some come in our iconic bead necklace design whilst others have their own special designs, such as the spectacular Catkin Curve Bead necklace. The new fakelite earrings come in several varieties, including the drop hoop design and a couple of the carved hoops.

Splendette vintage inspired Catkin yellow fakelite hoop earrings

We are so happy with this collection and we are so excited to see how you lovely lot team them with your outfits. Whether you are 1940s fashion fabulous or a mid century style goddess get your stack on - and don't forget to tag us!

(PS: you may have noticed some other goodies snuck into those stacks, but we're saving those for another blog article...)

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Spring 19 Shoot with Suzie Kennedy

Spring 19 Shoot with Suzie Kennedy

Hello, you lovely bunch!

If you've been checking our social media regularly, you'll probably have seen a couple of our most recent shoot images that will soon be going live on the site.

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Suzie Kennedy

This time we worked with the AMAZING Suzie Kennedy, the UK's number one Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Suzie was so, so good to work with, smashing out poses left, right and centre but also having a right laugh on set (we love to do this). It was so much fun! Shoot days are actually one of my favourite things to do as they're creative, REALLY hard work but also so much fun.

We styled this shoot in a super 1950s style using outfits from:

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Suzie KennedyBethan of Bettina Scarlett Presents was, once again, a legend at sourcing outfits and managing that side of things on the day. How on earth did we do shoots without her?!? We went with a block pastel theme for the clothes (which I personally LOVED) and simple, pastel backgrounds. As I've said many times before, colour is really my thing so I love to be able to play with it when we shoot.

As we were doing this shoot with Suzie, we decided to style this shoot in a super 50s, pastel way but the jewellery itself could easily be styled more 40s with some beautiful summer dresses and shorts sets. Can't wait to see how you style all of yours!! Please post pics and tag us on social. Ta!

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Spring 2019 News

Spring 2019 News

Hi All!

Wowee! Did not realise it'd been quite that long since I wrote a blog post so I'm very sorry about that! I'm going to aim to, once again, write these regularly going forwards. Life may sometimes get in the way but I'll try not to leave it for 8 months again!! Naughty.

Well, what's been going on at Splendette? We've had a crazy few months, which has seen both our Autumn range and our new bangle case sell out in record time! More about those later. We've moved a few things around which should now mean that our orders are shipping same or next day (hurrah!) and we're planning lots of new things for the future.

Our new season Spring items are currently being worked on but are proving tricky to get totally right so are taking a lilttle longer than we'd hoped. You can see in the main blog image here that some of the colours are very delicate and, me being me, need to be correct. It looks like we're finally moving forwards with them so we're hoping to have stock in the next couple of weeks.

Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe for SplendetteWe've already done our model shoot with the amazing Suzie Kennedy, which was sooo much fun and we can't wait to show you the results. Also, make sure you keep your eyes peeled as there's going to be a fun little social media competition coming your way in the next month or so. Exciting! The range this Spring is made of beautiful pastels and some calmer low lights, which give the range a more sophisticated feel. They're pretty nice, if I do say so myself!!

So, bangle case. We've got more being made and they should be with us in approximately a month. There's a notification option on the website where you can sign up to receive an email when they arrive back in stock.

Vintage Style Jewellery Box Atomic DiamondsWe're also aware that many of you missed out on these the first time so are bringing in much more stock to, hopefully, avoid any disappointment but please do get in there quickly, if you can! We're now also looking to extend the range beyond just the bangle case so watch this space for future developments!

Well, that's about it for the moment. Keep yourselves up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram and more in depth info willl be sent out in our newsletter and on here.

Love to you all!



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