Did you know that Splendette do gift cards? They're perfect if you're a little stuck on what to get a loved one, colleague or even just to treat future you.

So, how do they work? Gift cards are available in denominations of £5, £10, £25, £50 or £100. You can add them to your basket just like a bangle, necklace or earrings, and enter the lucky recipient's email address. They will then be notified via email of a personalised code that they can use whenever they wish on the Splendette website.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style fakelite jewellery autumn 2019

Gift cards are absolutely ideal for those who aren't into vintage who want to treat someone who is. An all round problem solver without needing to have a vast knowledge of 1940s fashion or 1950s style. Or how about treating yourself? You don't need to spend it all in one go so you can add some glitter here some, some heavy carve there whenever you need a Splendette boost.

With Christmas just around the corner what could be a better time to throw a few of these into your basket and treat your nearest and dearest? Go on...you know you want to!