This week I've had a couple of queries about the size of bangles where customers have bought them in a certain size but have found them slightly too small.

Any vintage or vintage style outfit is complemented and finished off by a beautiful stack of bangles. Be it true Bakelite or our modern fakelite style bangles, a stack really does finish off the look so imagine you've bought some bangles and you can only just get them on and off. They're snug but just about doable, until summer comes. You get hot, your hands are swollen and the bangles will just not go on. What do you do?

Well, there's a little trick you can do with a carrier bag that might just save your stack. All you need is a carrier bag and your bangles. To get the bangles on, you simply put the bag over your hand and slip the bangles on over the top of it. The plastic removes any friction between your hand and the bangle. Easy!

To get the bangle(s) off, you just put the bag over your hand, tuck the edges under the bangle so it's sitting on top of the bag and pull the bangles off.

Here's a really clear video on how you do it!

Good luck!