Well isn't this exciting! It's something I have been wanting to offer for a while and now it is possible! You may have noticed (or even already signed up!) that we now have an points reward system on the website, as well as (very excitingly!) a wishlist option. Splendette Stack points are our way of saying thank you for shopping with us and showing us so much love.


Wishlists! These are something we have been asked about for ages and they're finally possible! If your on desktop you'll see the wishlist tab on the left hand side - if you're on mobile it will be a little heart.

You can now build wishlists super quickly by 'hearting' a product. It'll automatically go into your wishlist, or another list which you can create (yup! Multiple lists!). To move a product into another list, just click the three dots next to the item and move to another list.

Wishlists can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email (plus Whatsapp if you're on mobile) as more than subtle hints for what you're lusting after *eyebrow wiggle wiggle*. 

If an item is out of stock and in your wishlist, then you'll be notified via email that it is back and ready to buy. So say you have had an eye on a piece from the Heavy Carved range but oh no! It's out of stock! Give it a big ol' heart and it'll appear in your wishlist. When it's next back in stock we'll be notified so you can pop it in your basket.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s pastel fakelite Spring 2020 wide bangle rainbow stack

How do I sign up for Stack Points?

If you look down the bottom of the home screen on our website you'll see a rewards tab. Open that up and pop in your details. If you have already bought from us, and have an account, you can add in your existing details. If not, set up is super simple! You'll be sent an email to verify your account and boom! 200 points are already yours.

Signing up for the reward scheme is completely optional and won't be automatically linked to your account.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style carved Duotone stack with pink Flamingo and green Parrot bangles

How do the Stack Points work?

You will get a point per pound you spend on the website. These points can then be spent by taking money off your order when you have earned enough. You can take £5, £10, £15 or £20 off your order each time. Those 200 points you got for signing up are already worth £4 so just a little bit more towards your first fiver off!

You'll also get a bonus 250 points on your birthday as a little treat from us so you can treat yourself to something you've had your eye on.

Another new way of earning points is by leaving us a lovely review of your previous purchases. Every review you give us will be worth 25 stack points.

You can work your way up the tier system, from Bronze to Platinum, which not only gives you extra billy-bonus points but your points will be worth more from silver tier up.