How many of y’all love a good weekender? I definitely do!! It’s a very different kettle of fish when you’re working but still super fun. This year, Splendette will be at:

Hemsby #60 18th-21st May (Piplotex stand)

The Rockabilly Rave 14th-18th June (Trading)

Atomic Vintage Festival 28th-29th July (Trading)

Hemsby #61 5th-8th October (Piplotex stand)

The Rhythm Riot 15th-19th November (Di Brooks’ stand)

Living in Bristol, I don’t get that many chances to go dancing so the weekenders are where I’ll really get my dancing shoes and best frocks on.

I’m going to quite a big wedding this weekend with lots of my friends that I know from going to events such as The Rockabilly Rave and The Rhythm Riot. I’m going with my boyfriend (not really into any of the vintage scene) and it occurred to me that he’s probably only met a handful of the people that will be there; people that I consider to be good friends, he’s never even met!

I love all of my friends that I've met through going to weekenders. Even if we don't see each other in between, everything is still exactly the same when we all get together again.

This then led me to think about weekenders and how it’s actually a completely different world to my everyday life. We meet up, work loads, mess around loads, drink rum, dance, have great hair and outfits, see amazing cars and clothes and generally break ourselves for a few days before (sadly) going home back to our other lives! For me, they always feel like they’re over far too quickly and the real world feels a bit grey when I leave.

I also really love meeting you all there. It's so lovely to put faces to familiar and new names and hopefully it's the same for you guys too!!

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What’re all of your favourite weekenders? Would love to hear how you feel about them! I’ll also be going to other events through the year so please do say hello if you’re there. I love to meet people face to face!