Welcome to a new series of blogs! We’re going to shine a spotlight on different vintage fashions from days gone by, plus those who influence them, past and present.

First to step under the limelight is pinup…

Let’s start with the basics. What is a pinup? Well, to put it literally it’s a gorgeous gal who is photographed and put into print which is pinned up on walls. Originating in the Second World War (debateable) soldiers, sailors and airmen took photos of the pretty girls from back home to keep up morale whilst they were fighting. The practice was kept in peacetime and now women all over the world keep the style of the pinups of the 1940s and 1950s alive in their own way.

Iconic pinups include vintage goddesses such as Betty Grable, Diana Dors, Eartha Kit and, of course, the Queen of Pinup herself, Bettie Page. The level of risqué differed from model to model, from birthday suits to swimsuits to glamorous evening wear.

1950s pinup collage Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Eartha Kitt, Betty Brosmer, Rita Hayworth, Bettie Page

So, how does one dress in a pinup style? Pinups are well known for their sultry silhouettes with wiggle dresses clinging to all the right places, immaculate hair and makeup as well as statement pieces of jewellery to catch the eye. Of course, you can find some incredible original vintage fashion pieces which would make you instantly pinup perfect, but there are also some fabulous companies out there creating outstanding vintage inspired clothing. Oh, and there’s us! So many pieces of our fakelite jewellery can complete your pinup get up.

Let’s start with the basics. It’s really important to get your undies right when going for the pinup look. Think curves, think nipped in waists, think pointy boobies. What Katie Did is a well-established, London based foundation garment company who provide ladies the world over with bullet bras, merrywidows and waspies. It can get a bit of getting used to as their undies create such a different, dramatic shape to what we are used to in the modern world, but boy oh boy is it worth it for the result.

 What Katie Did and Splendette vintage inspired green corset and fakelite jewellery

(Yup that's me! Modelling Christmas '18 range!)

Once you’ve mastered your pinup shapewear, it’s time to step into some fabulous frocks. Although pinups don’t always need to wear a skirt it is usually the preferred item of clothing whether its full or fitted. First time adventurers into the realm of pinup usually find themselves at the doorstep of Collectif, and many stick around for the duration of their journey. It is a cacophony of pinup style all heavily vintage inspired and is a great place to be introduced to the fashion. If you’re ever in London or Brighton, you can swing by one of their boutique stores!

 Collectif Wanda wiggle dress vintage inspired 1950s pinup fashion Miss Deadly Redd

Wiggle dresses look amazing with our Bead Necklaces

Like I said right back at the start of this blog, there are so many small businesses creating their own pinup style clothing. It’s all about finding your own way of working it and seeing who takes your fancy out there. One of our favourites is Violets In May. Owned and operated by Lola Diamond (a pinup goddess in her own right!) Violets In May custom tailors their range to your measurements and has so many different styles and fabrics to chose from. Both her day wear and evening wear is to die for!

Violets in May vintage inspired 1950s pinup style lurex wiggle dress modelled by October Divine

Imagine this with a stack of glittery bangles!

Pinup is often the gateway into vintage inspired fashion for so many people (it definitely was for me) because it is so timelessly glamorous. We’d love to see what outfits you create with your own twist – don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you add our fakelite jewels in!