Ahhh Valentine's Day. A day to show those who you love just how much they mean to you. That doesn't have to be your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your wife or your husband either. This is your chance to show your best buddy or colleague that they are the whole world to you as well. Share the love! We have a splendiforous selection of vintage inspired jewellery to make their hearts beat faster.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fakleite pink and lagoon green stack of bangles

Although the history of Valentine's Day can be traced right back to Roman times, we're going to fast forward a millennium or two to get to the juicy stuff. Since the Victorian times Valentine's cards have been mass produced and sent to lovers and pals alike. Who doesn't remember waiting on 14th February to see if your school crush had left you an 'anonymous' Valentine's card on your desk?

Now we're all grown ups (apparently) we tend to be a bit braver with our showing our love, so here is a quick guide to all things lovey dovey here at Splendette.

Are you more of a pink lady or a ravishing red vixen? Both colours instinctively scream 'love' but have different attitudes. Pink being the softer, gentler companion to the fiesty, passionate red. Vintage inspired speaking, 1950s style would tend to sway towards more of the pink end, where red sits with the traditional bold bakelite colours of the 1940s fashion books. Of course, we are not the vintage police, and if you want to wear red in a 1950s style (erm, hello edgier pinup vibes) then you do you. That's the joy of fashion - being able to express and love you.

Our pink tones work amazingly when paired with super contrasting colours, like our white and black fakelite bangles, or keeping on the same tonal palette. There will always be people who aren't a fan of pink out there, but adding a splash of Iris to your usual green stack can look incredible as a lovely pop of colour.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style heavy carved fakelite stack with Jade Iris Indigo and Orange Leopard Print

There is a long running myth that some people don't suit red. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We hear it a lot when people say "oh I'd love to wear 1950s style clothing, but I just don't suit red" but I can guarantee you that there will always be a red out there that is for you. Our most famous red, the heavy carved variety, pairs amazingly with pretty much anything. And if you're not brave enough to go the whole hog, why not start of gently with a pair of the Red Heavy Carved Hoop Earrings?

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style red heavy carved drop hoop earrings

Still not sure which side of the Valentine's colour tracks your loved one sits on? Why not get them a gift card and let them decide for themselves?

Splendette vintage inspired fakelite jewellery gift card voucher

Whatever you are doing this Valentine's day, whether you are spending it with loved ones or doing a bit of self-care loving, have a beautiful day and know that we will always love you!