Spooky season is well and truly here. In 2019 we did our first ever Halloween range and it was so popular. And then 2020 happened - the less said about that the better! But 2021 was a fresh new year, and we wanted to bring back some festive scares with new frightful fakelite.

This Halloween collection, which launches Thursday 30th September, is based off a couple of things. The names are inspired by the Finnish calendar, where the months are named after different themes surrounding the moon. For instance, February is Helmikuu, which translates to Pearl Moon reflecting the pearl white snow; July is Heinäkuu which means Hay Moon; Joulukuu is December with Joulu being the Finnish word for Christmas. Splendette has taken this inspiration and put a spooky Halloween twist on them - read on for more on the range!

The five colours in the collection have a tinge of those garish but iconic Halloween masks that became popular from the 1950s onwards. You know the ones, the ones with bright colours that contrast with black depicting terrifying clowns, scared cats and monsters from B-Movie horror films. If that doesn't already get your hairs standing on end, this range has a twist. In the 80s and 90s, when Eeva and Hannah were wee, glow in the dark was all the rage. Yup. This collection glows in the dark! The jewellery pieces need 'charging up' under a bright light to get the glow going, but switch off that light and you will wow your pals!

Splendette vintage inspired glow in the dark Halloween bangle stack - half daylight, half glowing

So, what is in the collection? There are four different types of bangles to snag, which will come in all three of our sizes (small Maiden, medium Classic and large Duchess), and then matching drop hoop earrings and crescent moon brooch which have gorgeous moon and and star carvings. The bangles have a Moon version, with the band being the main colour with black carvings, and also a Black version which are black with the glowing colour peeking through as super twinkly starbursts to glow like the night's sky.

There are two (yes, two!) types of necklaces to choose from...or you could just treat yourself to both! Our Vamp necklace in the 2019 Halloween collection was super popular, so all five of the colours will have a Fang necklace to sink your teeth into, as well as one with a lunar centrepiece. The Moon necklace matches so beautifully with the brooch design for less of a novelty vibe.

Splendette vintage inspired glow in the dark Halloween Spirit Moon Fang Necklace

And now for the exciting part...the colours! Like I said early, there are five colours to choose from, all with a Halloween theme.

First up we have Harvest Moon which is a traditional orange colour. I mean, it wouldn't be Halloween without a splash of orange! Once charged and glowing, Harvest has a little secret to it. The glow is a mixture of yellowy orange and green - the two most creepy colours!

Talking of green, we have Serpent Moon. It's an acidy green which glows super bright and luminescent. I think the drop hoops are my favourite in this colour and they really remind me of Halloween as a kid where everything in my bedroom seemed to be that glow-in-the-dark-green. Yes, I had stars on my ceiling!

Spirit Moon is a white with a ghostly glow. Spirit Moon definitely glows the brightest as the glowing magic is the least disturbed by colour. The Black bangle in this range is absolutely stunning and really looks like the night's sky when it is glowing. For the same reason, the Moon Brooch is also so beautiful in Spirit and is so eye-catching on a lovely vintage inspired jumper.

Halloween just isn't Halloween without copious amounts of fake blood. Blood Moon is a neony red (the sort on those incredible 1950s sweaters you can sometimes find) and glows a gorgeous red-orange colour. The bangles in this are to die for, especially the Moon and Black varieties stacked together, and if you missed out on Vamp Necklace, Blood Moon Fang Necklace is a fabulous alternative.

Lastly, there is blue Wolf Moon which clashes so amazingly with all of the bangles. I really like Wolf Moon and Spirit Moon together for an icy stack as the months get colder.

We are so excited by this range and can't wait to see everyone adding the jewellery to their Halloween outfits and costumes. This collection is going to be super popular, and so we have made sure that our stockists have got a healthy supply of bangles, necklaces, earrings and brooches