Hi All,

I've been thinking for a while now about how I can do some good with Splendette in the wider world, which is what inspired me to do this range for the Humanitea Cafe in Bristol. The cafe is being set up by my friend Sarah and is currently in its initial fund raising stages so I wanted to do everything I could do to help get it started as soon as possible.

Splendette Humanitea Jewellery Range

The cafe will be a CIC based in Bristol with the aim of feeding the homeless a decent, warm meal every evening and giving them somewhere to enjoy sitting down to that meal, which is something we can take for granted.


£1 from every item in this range will go to the Humanitea Cafe fund so not only do you get beautiful jewellery, you also get to do good at the same time and if you have a spare quid of two, please also feel free to donate to the fund raiser!

Sarah and I did the video below to help explain things a bit more and this one was supposed to be the practice one but we really liked it (crying and all) as we felt it really conveyed how we feel about it. Thanks for reading x