Better late than never they say! After a few delays the Autumn 2020 collection is finally here and live on the website! It's chock full of vintage inspired, gorgeous golden fakelite. We've wound back the clock just a little further on this collection, going for more of a late 1930s, early 1940s vibe, but we reckon you can style this range in any retro era you like.

You may remember the previous Goldens range (with their accompanying cremes) from 2018 - well consider this as an extension! There is something for everyone in this collection, whether you prefer the warmer tones or the cooler ones. We have already introduced the collection to our Facebook group, Splendette Stack and Style, and it went down so well it just amped up our excitement levels. If you haven't joined, why not? Sneak peeks are just part of the fun!

We must talk about the shapes super quickly as well! The shapes, where to start? Well we wanted to shake things up a bit this season and so the shapes are a little bit different for each of the colour ways. From Olive being a lovely leaf, to Plum being all twisty, and Mustard to having some delicious, deep swoops, we wanted to make each of the Chunky (hi new width!) bangles eye-catchingly unique.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s Bakelite style Golden Fakelite Autumn 2020 display with red Bordeaux, yellow Mustard and green Olive with retro leopard accessories

As promised, we always try and create the bangles in all three of our sizes: Classic, Maiden (for those with slimmer wrists), and Duchess (for those who need a bit more wiggle room). The three bandwidths (Chunky, Midi and Narrow) come in all three sizes so everyone is catered for. If you don't know what size is the best fit for you then check out our handy bangle size guide for more information.

Now...onto the colours!

When I say 'autumn colours' I immediately think of warm tones, like orange, red and yellow - maybe a dash of brown too. Basically the colours of the beautiful leaves out there this time of year! So lets start there shall we?

The orange this season is the snuggly Amber. Named after the semi-precious fossil which was so popular in the 1930s, Amber is a big, bold statement colour with the golden sheen complimenting the fakelite perfectly. We love teaming it with yellows and oranges, or contrasting it with some blue (a Splendette HQ favourite combo).

Mustard is joining the yellow team. It's a colour we have been asked for many times before but this is it's time to shine - literally! Mustard has deep, swooping carvings which highlight the golden sheen and adds to the luxurious look. We think this is the colour to match perfectly with well...anything! It's the glue that holds your Autumn stack together.

For the red team we have Bordeaux.  If you loved Golden Burgundy a couple of autumns back then you will need this year's Bordeaux in your collection. It is a beautiful berry, cherry red with more deep carvings which have a tree-like look about them. We love teaming it with Mustard and Olive to create a traffic light stack which will stop people in their tracks.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s Bakelite style Golden Fakelite Autumn 2020 trio of blue Ink, green Olive and yellow Mustard bangles

Moving swiftly onto the brown for the year we has Espresso. The most popular way to wake up in the morning, and the best way to perk up your stack, Espresso is a delicious, cooler toned brown unlike something we haven't really done before. The sunbeam carving is a nod to the Art Deco styling that dominated the 1930s as well as the first cup of coffee of the day.

I've mentioned the green once or twice before in this blog, but it's one of the ones that caused the most "oooohs!" in the group. Olive is a golden olive green (imaginatively named), but it's the carving that makes this colour particularly special. Just like it's leafy pal, Forest, Olive is carved to resemble the leaves on a tree just before they turn to the golden colours we think of in autumn. It's so unique and so versatile, we think it will go with everything!

Keeping it cool, we have Ink as our blue for the season. It's a deep, ocean like blue that glistens in the sunshine thanks to the golden sheen. If you're looking for some siren, mermaid realness then this is the colour for you! The Chunky Ink Bangle looks phenomenal as a solo because it is so eye-catching, but why not add some Mustard in there for some extra vintage pop?

Finally, we have Plum. The shape of Plum is so unique and like nothing we have done before. The Chunky Plum Bangle is like two pieces of rope, intertwining around each other to in one twisty delight. The golden sheen compliments the purple by contrasting (ahhh school art class colour wheel memories) the two shades against each other. This unique shape makes it a great stand alone, but why not stack up on some more yellows and oranges?

And, of course, there will be the usual suspects of extras joining their corresponding bangle buds, including an array of necklaces, plus both hoop and drop hoop earrings. But this time their is a new member in the fakelite squad. That's right. You heard. We are diving into the world of vintage hair and, more specifically, hair barettes. There will be a matching hair barette for all seven of the new Golden Fakelites to finish off your perfectly coiffured vintage hairstyle.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s Bakelite style Golden Fakelite Autumn 2020 hair barette clips on golden cushion

I'm so excited by this collection. It feels so special and luxurious whilst also being super authentic looking. Honestly cannot wait to see how everyone styles these pieces. We added some leopards and wovens into the stacks and sets when we were doing the official photos, and boy did they look amazing! I just know that adding glitter into your stacks will elevate them either further!

Don't forget to keep us in the loop with your fakelite fabulousness by tagging us (@splendette) on Instagram so we can share your creations.