Now, we're being a bit naughty here as rockabilly isn't really a style of fashion, but there is a definite look that goes with many people standing in the crowds of rockabilly gigs that the two sort of go hand in hand together now.

Let's take it back to basics. What is rockabilly? Rockabilly is a genre of music born in the mid 1950s which ties together blues, rock'n'roll and hillbilly to create a sound synonymous with fast beats, bass slaps and guitar solos. Although a popular subculture in the 1950s, rockabilly saw a resurgence in the 1970s, 1980s and into today. Team Splendette love spending their evenings and weekends dancing their nights away at rockabilly gigs and weekenders, such as the popular Rockabilly Rave on the south coast of the UK.

Sparkle Moore 1950s rockabilly singer. Splendette vintage inspired 1950s rockabilly jewellery blog.

Rockabilly style can be summed up in three words: casual, comfy and cool. And we mean cool in that sorta "I want to look like that when I grow up, mum!" kinda way. Now, you don't have to dress in this way to enjoy rockabilly music, and you don't have to enjoy rockabilly music to dress like this, but the two often do go hand in hand. You can take a little inspiration from here, and a little inspiration from there to really make the style your own nod to the 1950s subculture.

Up top there are a few options to venture down. There is the classic t-shirt look, usually with some statement slogan or eye catching design. Whilst you can still get some original 1950s t-shirts these are often as rare as hen's teeth due to them being so popular. There are some fantastic reproduction t-shirt companies out there still singing some punchy catchphrases. We love Atomic Swag, Larryette and Mischief Made Me for some traditional style reproduction. Not forgetting picking up some band t-shirts at our favourite weekenders as well!

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s rockabilly jewellery modeled by Ruby Valentine with Mischief Made Me tshirt

Keeping it casual with the bottoms, jeans are a super popular choice when dressing rockabilly - don't forget the cuff them! The cuff is the quintessential finishing touch of the 1950s rockabilly style. You want to cuff those jeans at somewhere between 3cm to 5cm for an authentic style. Freddies of Pinewood is world famous for their vintage inspired denim (not forgetting their tops as well!) for those who love high waisted, 1940s and 1950s style bottoms.

And we can't forget accessories! Leopard print is a staple in any rockabilly wardrobe so our leopard print bangles are an absolute must. Team them with some more black and red bangles, a pair of dramatic matching earrings (we love the Heavy Carved collection for that), and a pair of sunnies, and your outfit is complete!

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s rockabilly style jewellery worn by Freya Vintage

Rockabilly fashion is another example of how diverse vintage fashion can be, and is one of our favourite 1950s subcultures. We can't to get out to more rockabilly events soon, and hope to see some of you there!