How is it the middle of June? Blimey! It's time to introduce our new collection: Summer Fruity! This is the first of two ranges this summer, but we'll spill the beans on the second one in a few weeks.
For this mini-collection there are three designs to choose from, and then one little Narrow bangle that ties them all together. Bangles will be available in all three sizes: smaller Maiden, medium Classic, and larger Duchess.
All going well this fruit cocktail of deliciousness will be launching on Wednesday 22nd June.
Splendette vintage inspired 1940s Bakelite style red Cherries fakelite jewellery worn by pin up model
A cherry design has been requested a lot in our Facebook group, and the Clear Cherries proved super popular when they were announced in a live event. The Wide and Midi Bangles, as well as the Drop Hoop Earrings, are clear bangles with pairs of juicy cherries and dainty white flowers. The Narrow Bangle is red and white dots, mimicking the other bangle thicknesses.
Splendette vintage inspired 1950s summer style Clear Citrus fakelite jewellery worn by pin up model Wilhelmina Af Fera
We love a slice of citrus here in Splendette Towers. Who remembers the Duotone earrings from SS20 and SS21? This summer we're adding more zest to your outfit with Clear Citrus Bangles and Drop Hoop Earrings. The carved lemons and oranges are going to look mouth-watering stacked alongside some matching Yolk and Papaya!
And finally, queue up Club Tropicana because this design is a tropical dream! The Clear Pineapple Bangles and Drop Hoop Earrings are going to be your favourite if you're into your bright colours and big summer vibes. The pink, yellow and green combo screams "get me an umbrella for this drink, on the fly!" and we are here for it!
Splendette vintage inspired 1950s tropical style Clear Pineapples fakelite jewellery worn by pin up model Wilhelmina Af Fera
This collection is designed to sit alongside our existing glitter jewellery. The Cherries look amazing with the Red Glitter and Leaf Green Glitter; Citrus is a zesty delight with Pale Gold and Amber glitters; Pineapples look extra tropical when teamed with summery glitters like the two Pink glitters and Lime green glitter.
We're so excited to see how everyone stacks these slices of fruity fakelite!