Splendette's Style Spotlight takes a look at the inspirations and fashions from yesteryear as well as the modern day icons from the vintage world. This time we're taking a peek into the world of the Finnish beauty, Wilhelmina as Fera.

You might be thinking "hey, I recognise Mina from somewhere" and you'd be right! Mina modeled our Summer '18 range splashing around in a stunning swimming pool. That range was chock-a-block with traditional vintage inspired heavy carved fakelite, and tropical delights to transform any outfit into a bright statement.

Wilhelmina Af Fera modeling Splendette vintage inspired fakelite jewellery and Violets in May vintage style clothing

So, what does Mina's vintage inspired style mean to her?

Describe your style in five words.
Vintage-y, quirky, bold colour & hats.

What is your must-have accessory from Splendette?
Bangles are my favourite and I do wear them pretty much everyday. Maiden midi and wide bangle sets have been my go-to lately and I am totally obsessed about the Tropical Punch colourway. Spring, I know but I love it so much! I have such small wrists I always need that one maiden bangle to spot my stacks from slipping off and I have been over the Moon now that Splendette has done maidens in different sizes other than just narrow as it gives so many styling options when you can choose midi or even wide to be the stopper on the top of your stack! Love it!

Where and/or who do you get your style inspiration from?
I love reading old fashion magazines and there's so much style inspiration in there! 1940's magazines are my favourite for sure, but I also love going through some 30's and 50's stuff.
I don't really have anyone I'd look up and tried to copy but of course I do have some old movie starts whose style I like, Marlene Dietrich for example.

Which is your favourite piece from the current collection?
I loooove the autumn collection in full, mainly because all the new colourways have the resemblance of true bakelite. But having to pick just one I'd probably go with the Mouse colourway and for a single piece - maiden midi bangle. So versatile, beautiful colour and there just is something I love about the maiden midis!

What made you get into vintage style?
When I was a kid my mother made me watch all the old movies, especially Audrey Hepburns, so I guess the love for vintage was kinda born then. I did not wear vintage until my 20's though when I moved to the capital area for my university studies and found the first vintage shops. Before that I never even knew one could wear clothing that old in daily bases. I had always felt bad about my figure, it was never good enough for modern clothing but when I tried on my first 50's dress I was blown away! It did fit perfectly. And here we are.

Tell us something about you that people might not realise.
Hahaa, I am no lady! I may look like a diva in my photos but in real life I'm more like a teddy boy rather than a girly girl. As a teen I had such a crises about my gender I secretly wished for gender change. I felt like I just could not be a woman, I did not feel like one. But still I ended up here. Strange thing, life.

Do you have a favourite place to buy your clothes from?
For vintage clothing I do have few favourite shops in Finland, Hoochie Mama Jane in Helsinki and VintagEija's in Turku. Other than that I love wearing Miss Candyfloss pieces, their fabrics are soft and I like their cuts. Plus their garments are degsigned and made in Europe. I tend to be a bit sentimental when choosing brands to wear but I also keep an eye on the quality, I hate getting clothing with poor quality. For example I love to wear Rubylea headwear and bespoke clothing as it's a local small business, I love Splendette's connections to Finland, Revival Retro is also admirable female run small company and so forth!

Do you have a favourite vintage event in your calendar?
I do not think I have one favourite. Finns love recycling so we have loads of vintage fairs around the year which I like to visit and during the summer the country is full of  outdoor events all about vintage, classic cars and rock n roll. But of course Viva Las Vegas is marked on my calendar every year even though I may not be able to visit it annually. Besides Viva I am eagerly waiting to see Dita Von Teese in London next year. Last years show was such a vintage fashion show and I cannot wait to see what people come up outfit wise with next year!

How long have you been modelling?
I have been doing portfolio shoots ever since high school but I guess my first real modeling jobs were in 2016. So not that long, and every shoot I still learn something new!

Do you have a party trick?
My party trick is that I rarely go out! Seriously I am the least party animal you will ever meet and I'm basically leaving the house for party or night on the town kinda fun just when Eeva the Boss Babe drags me out either here in Finland or when I'm visiting UK. She forces me to put on the party mood and I love her for that but when she's not around I'm more like reading a book with a nice cup of tea curled up in a cosy armchair kinda person.


You can see more of Mina over on her Instagram and Facebook.

(ps: we can't wait to party with Mina at Dita von Teese either!)