The vintage inspired world of Splendette has so many options to chose from, and we want to make sure that you get the right bangles, earrings and necklaces in your basket so you can get your stack on as soon as possible. So, first of all let's talk terms, and then we'll go into some neat tips and tricks to get around the website so it fits your own personal needs and desires.

What do the bangle widths mean?

There are three main widths for Splendette bangles:

(Sometimes Extra Wide is snuck in too, like with our 1950s style Starburst range, but they are not in our core range of widths.)

The widths relate to the width of the fakelite band as it sits in the stack, with Narrow being the slimmest and Wide being the, well, widest. Most of the collections will have all three widths within them, and we are trying to ensure that all three widths come in all three sizes (more about that below). Leopard is in a league of its own. It comes in one width, most like a Midi, but due to its clear bubble design it does sit a little differently within a stack.

You can search for bangles by their widths on the website. Say you just want some new Narrow bangles to slip between the Wides you already have in your collection. If you go to the 'Bangle' tab along the top of the website (if you're on a mobile then you'll see it listed in the menu option on the left hand side) then you'll see all the widths listed as options to chose from.

What do the bangle sizes mean?

As well as three bangle widths there are also three bangle sizes.

The size of the bangle relates to the diameter of the inner wrist hole. You need to be able to get your hand through the bangle but also have it fit snugly enough that it won't fall off of your wrist. We have a bangle size guide to make things a little simpler so you get the right size for you. 

Some previous ranges didn't come in all three sizes, but going forward we are striving to make all ranges include Maiden, Regular and Duchess.

Look out for the two icons over the product images for a quick reference for the bangle size. If there is no icon over the image then it will be the Regular size.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s 1960s style jewellery Maiden Extra Small iconSplendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s 1960s style fashion fakelite jewellery Duchess larger size icon

Tip! If you're in-between sizes get a few bangles in the smaller size down to use as stoppers at the bottom of your stack to prevent slippage.

How can I find things quickly on the website?

Once you know your size there are a few nifty tricks to take you straight to the vintage inspired jewellery delights your heart desires. If you love a theme to your stack then you can go straight to the pre-made collections, such as Pastel, Heavy Carved and Glitter. There you will see all the widths of fakelite bangles in that collection, including the sizes and any extra jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces.

Tip! If you know your size then you can filter by that size in particular for that collection. For instance, say you're a big leopard lover who wears a Duchess. You can go to the Leopard collection and click on 'Filter by'; choose Duchess from the list et voila!

Tip! If you are a particular size and want, let's say, a few Wide bangles to make a statement in your stack you can filter just like above. Go to the Maiden collection, for instance, and then filter by Wide. There you'll have all the Wide Maiden bangles we currently have available!

Tip! If you fancy just a colour then head to the colours tab which will have a rainbow of options. Let's say you're after some yellow earrings. Go to the Yellow collection and then filter by Earrings and you'll be presented with all the bright and cheery yellow earrings, including any in the same!

Tip! If you know really specifically what you want then the search bar will be your best friend. You can search a specific word/phrase in the search bar and it will show you everything that mentions that word/phrase on the website.