In an effort to do our bit, and reduce the amount of waste our packaging produces even more, we have switched our naughty single-use plastic wrappers to biodegradable ones.

As you already know we use cardboard boxes and tissue paper, but switching to biodegradable bags is just another step to being as eco-friendly as possible. It's something that we have been trying to achieve for so long, so it's really exciting that we can now make it part of our packaging. We as people need to be doing everything we can to reduce our single use plastic consumption to help the planet stay with us as long as we can.

We are so chuffed that we have been able to make this step. I'm very conscious that even though our factory packs everything with paper and cardboard, and then the warehouse packages up your orders with tissue paper, there was always this niggling annoyance of individual plastic wrapping bags surrounding all of our jewellery. We're vintage inspired, but equally we want there to be a future too.

So, our new lines and restocks will slowly all come in this biodegradable packaging which can be popped in your normal bin and will slowly disintegrate over time. (Please note that, although the new wrappers are biodegradable, they are not compostable or recyclable.)

Like they say, every little helps! We'll never be perfect but we're really trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible, and we know all you lovely lot will be just as please as we are at this move.