I thought I'd give you a little crash course in our necklace range as we talk so much about our bangles it only seems right that they're given some time to shine.

Necklaces are a staple in any jewellery collection let alone those which have a vintage flair to them. We have been doing our iconic bead necklace range since the dawn of Splendette time but over the years we have released lots of other varieties to chose from as well as tweaking the classic. We've also listened lots to your feedback. Our Spring 2020 range of necklaces comes with chain extenders to make them longer or shorter to suit you.

I love the versatility of a necklace and how it can make an outfit come alive. The glitters can add sparkle, whilst the curved beads poking from beneath a shirt look super authentic. So, let's begin the lesson...

The basic bead

Our bread and butter necklace wise is the beaded necklace. Inspired by a necklace from Eeva's granny's 1950s collection you can see it in almost every range Splendette has launched since 2015. Starting off smaller and getting larger in the middle the Bead Necklace is a classic vintage inspired shape.

Our Heavy Carved range features this shape beautifully, with the basic bead individually carved for an eye-catching touch. We also added a heavy dose of sparkle to the shape when we brought out our glitter range with matching necklaces.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style glitter bead necklace in bright Leaf green

Ahead of the curve

If you're after a slightly different shape may we suggest the curved bead? It is a repeating pattern of round beads and curved beads with a flat edge to sit flush to your decolletage  (great word).

You can find it in a number of our collections including the current Spring 2020 range in the shade Rose. It also featured in Catkin from Autumn 2019 (I love this one for a pop of colour against navy) and in our super 1940s style Multicoloured necklace inspired by the telephone handbags of the era.

Splendette 1940s style fashion fakelite curved bead necklace in yellow Catkin with Mouse brown accents

One of a kinds

Every so often there will be a necklace that stands out from the crowd is doesn't really fall into any of the other categories. We've had disc necklaces, beehive shaped necklaces, and even necklaces to really sink your teeth into (honestly Vamp was amazing and definitely not just for Halloween).

Sometimes they will be released alongside the traditional beaded necklace shape or sometimes they'll be a lone ranger, repping their colour on their own. For the Spring 2020 range we have Frosty in the one of a kind camp which has a lush delicate nature to it.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion fakelite Frosty blue Coconut white necklace

And there ends our lesson. Whether you favour the 1940s or the 1950s there will be a necklace in one of our ranges to finish off an outfit - I think they especially look best when paired with matching earrings. See you in next week's class!