Splendette's Heavy Carve Fakelite collection has been a stacking staple in many customers' vintage inspired wardrobes since we first introduced it back in the summer of 2018 (how was that four years ago already?!). Over the next few seasons we introduced new colours which became many folks' favourites, including Red Heavy Carve, Yolk (with its super unique shape) and tropical Jade Green. But, it's been a while since we had anything new and there were definitely some gaps in the collection that needed to be filled in!

Well, this summer we are introducing five new colours to the Heavy Carve collection, and will have another update about even more Heavy Carve jewellery coming in the next couple of months - yay! We are also sticking to our word and making all new collections in all three sizes, so the bangles are available in smaller Maiden, medium Classic and larger Duchess size.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style white Salty Heavy Carve fakelite jewellery worn by pin up model

White is a colour that everyone loves to have in their collection. Previously, we had Daisy but it wasn't quite what we were after so now we have Salty! It's a much cleaner white than we have had before; as we know, white will always have a tinge of another colour it, but we have made this one cooler than its predecessors. We love how it looks paired with other pastel colours for a soft 1950s vibe, but also how it can contrast with stronger colours such as red and blue for a nautical nod. And a monochrome stack? Yes please - sign me up!

Purple was another colour that was missing from the Heavy Carve rainbow. Fret not, as we now have Paradise! It was a colour that was requested so many times in our Facebook group, Splendette Stack & Style Society, and knew it would be super popular when it was announced. Stock flew out when the collection went live, but as this is a continued line, Paradise will be back!

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style purple Paradise Heavy Carve fakelite jewellery worn by pin up model

By this point, everyone knows how much we love a pink and green combo here at Splendette HQ. We have to do one every season it seems, and this one is no different. Some might remember Coral and Leaf from 2016? They were a really bright, tropical twosome that was very popular. We wanted to give them a spruce up and a heavier carve, and so Hibiscus and Palm were born. We love this partnership so much, and think they look incredible with the Woven Sets of Three.

Last but by no means least there is Peacock. Peacock sits somewhere between green and blue, definitely more blue than Jade Green but not quite as blue as Indigo. It's a rich colour that can give a gorgeous coolness to your stack or an equally delightful contrast against warmer colours like yellow and orange.

We love that we can expand this collection like this, and we will have more news from Camp Heavy Carve in September so watch this space!