It's nearly time to scare ourselves silly with ghost stories, gorge on sweeties and dress up as our very own nightmares. Although Splendette doesn't have a new range for this Halloween, we do have a handy Halloween Jewellery collection for all things spook-stack-ular so you can still get into the spirit of things. Go on...trick-or-treat yourself! (No apologies for the amount of puns in this blog!)

Oh my gourd

Splendette vintage inspired Halloween stack of orange, green and black fakelite bangles

Probably the most popular scary season colour way, this is the quintessential Halloween stack. Chock full of orange, green and black we have added a splash of glitter because...well why not? Just because it's spooky doesn't mean it can't sparkle!


Creepin' it real

Splendette vintage inspired Halloween stack of white and black fakelite bangles

Sometimes just a plain and simple stack can be just as bone chilling as a bright, colourful one. Monochrome black and white stacks are a fangtastic combo for keeping it casual this Halloween.

(Our resident archaeologist, Hannah, has assessed this skeleton and determined that they were a Maiden size. Handy.)



Trick or treat?

Splendette vintage inspired Halloween stack of orange, yellow and white fakelite bangles to resemble Candy Corn

Halloween is going to be a little different this year but that doesn't mean we can't get a sugar fix. We don't have candy corn here in the UK, but it sure does make a great stack!


October is such a fun time for us in Splendette HQ, coming up with spooky stacks, playing with props and, of course, dropping some pretty awful puns. We want to see how you celebrate! Don't forget to tag your best stacks with #splendettestackurday and #spookstackular on Instagram so we can peep at them through our fingers.