The summer months evoke images of beach holidays, balmy gardens filled with palms and tropical flowers, and long evenings spent with friends with a beverage or two. The new Tropical Cane Collection from Splendette is the perfect accompaniment to our heavy carved fakelite, but we are also bringing back an old favourite...the woven sets of three! Oh and, yup, they're going to be in all three sizes so the Maidens, Classics and Duchesses can get in on the action.


Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s tropical style carved cane bangle stack. Red Rosella, orange Tangerine and yellow Ochre.


A super exciting thing about this new Tropical Cane Collection is the choice! For the first time, not only is there six new colours to choose from (more on those shortly), but there are going to be three cane colour variations to chose from for each of the pieces. There will be a light cane, a mid cane and a dark cane; they all match the woven sets of threes as well. The range has wide, midi and narrow bangles, drop hoop earrings, bead necklaces and hair barrettes, plus plain carved hoop earrings. We want everyone to love this range as much as we do, so the bangles are in the smaller Maiden size (5.8cm), the Classic size (6.5cm) and the larger Duchess size.

Now, onto the colours! As I said before, there are six to choose from, each with their three cane variations. Maths wasn't my strong point at school but I make that 114 new pieces in total - eek!

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s tropical style carved fakelite cane bangle stack. Blue Pacific, red Rosella and yellow Ochre.

We love having the classic vintage inspired colours in a collection, but we have thrown in a couple of curve balls which add gorgeous splashes of colour. Originally, Bakelite colours were super vibrant, and so, as this range is heavily inspired by the 1940s, Eeva has used these colours as the base but added unique carving to each piece. The colours are...

I honestly cannot choose which one is my favourite - it changes everyday! I think my top three would Panther with the light cane, Rosella with the dark cane, and Ochre with the mid cane. Mind you, Tangerine with the dark cane and Pacific with the light cane also whisper my name frequently...

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s tropical style stack of fakelite cane bangles with dark and mid woven bangles. Black Panther and yellow Ochre.

We honestly cannot wait to see the combinations everyone is going to make with the Tropical Cane Collection, especially when we throw in the existing fakelite pieces! As always, we wanna see what you stack! So get tagging us on Instagram and if you do any action shots on TikTok as well, we love seeing those too!