Just a wee update! We have decided to have a little switch-up of what we call our medium sized bangles. You will probably know them as Regular, or maybe even Standard, but we have been thinking that this just does sit right with us anymore. After much head scratching and pencil chewing we have settled on Classic.

Why is that? I hear you ask. Well, there is nothing irregular about not being regular, and we wanted to reflect that, plus Classic was our original size, so it fits in well. Our new Duotone collection will all be marked as Classic for the sizing but you might still see Regular creeping around the older ranges until we slowly shift everything over to the Classic sizing. 

This won't change anything about the size, but it's just something to keep an eye out for on the website. Maiden and Duchess are staying as their beautiful selves. Classic will still measure at approx 6.5cm in diameter of fabulousness fakelite so there is no need to worry about that changing. Don't forget, if you are still a little confuddled by our sizing then we have a handy bangle size guide which will hopefully answer any questions you have.