Hi All!

Really sorry for missing the blog last week, it's been CRAZY here at Splendette Towers.

Anyway, this week I thought I'd write a little bit about hairstyling as, I don't know if you know this but I also have been known to do a bit of styling on the side, myself! The main image is a swirly thing I did on myself a few years ago.

Outside of clothing, hair is one of the top defining characteristics of the look of an era, which is why I think it's such a big thing on the vintage scene. There are a number of extremely talented hair stylists who can reproduce amazing, authentic styles and can also teach you how to do it too! Here are a few of my favourites (sorry to anyone I've missed!). Most are UK based as I live here but I'd love to hear of other stylists worldwide!

Pin Up Curl- aka Sarah is based in Derby and creates amazing vintage styles and is also a wonderful bridal stylist. Sarah styles at vintage events across the country and you might've also seen her on BBC's Hair. She also makes extremely good quality hair flowers and accessories in her Etsy Shop

Lipstick and Curls- aka Amanda taught me everything I know!! Lipstick and Curls now have a nation wide team that specialises in vintage and bridal hair styling and also make up.

I Love Lucie- Lucie runs a super cute little salon in Stockport, near Manchester in the UK. Lucie specialises in cutting, colouring and styling. She's well versed in vintage cutting, resulting in an amazing set!

Miss Victory Violet- Currently UK based, Miss Victory Violet travels the world teaching vintage hair styling and make up in her workshops. She's such a lush lass and has an amazing social media presence, website and blog. You'll also notice that we're one of her tour sponsors with an exclusive Victory Violet bangle that you can only get from her workshops!

Necia's Hairstyling- Sarah is based in Derby and works out of her beautiful vintage styled home to cut and style hair. Sarah not only has the most wonderful wardrobe, she's also styled hair for QUEEN DITA! Swoon!

Lucille's Locks- Based in Nottingham, Lucille has set up a wonderful little salon in her house where she creates beautiful and authentic cuts, colours and styles. You can also peep at some of her stunning clothes and shoes that are hanging up in there! She gave me the most amazing midi style cut!

Cherry Dollface- Last and definitely not least is Cherry Dollface. Cherry has an amazing YouTube channel where she teaches all about vintage styling and also talks about lots of other really interesting topics from all aspects of her life. Cherry is not only a smart and articulate woman, she also travels the world teaching vintage and pin up hair and make up classes.

So, there's a quick roundup of a few of my favs, would love to hear who you follow or go to for your vintage hair needs!