Back in spring we gave the pastel glitters a re-zhoosh and introduced the drop hoop earrings to the collection. Well, we thought we'd do the same to some of the pastel glitters' bright and colourful pals!

There are some sparkly friends that you might recognise, but we tweaked two of the colours a little, and, as a result, we have given them new names as well. So, Teal, Blue and Leaf Green are all familiar glitter colours we all know and love, but we have swapped out Fuchsia and Chartreuse for Lime and Peony. Lime is somewhere between Leaf Green and the old Chartreuse, with Peony being a warmer pink than Fuchsia. Teal and Leaf Green might look a little different too as we have taken them back to the original colours they were when we launched them way back when.

Just like the pastel glitters, the glitter bangles will now come in both widths for all three sizes. This means that smaller Maidens, Classics and larger Duchesses can get their ultimate glitz and glamour on now!

Joining the bangles there are also the bead necklaces which are a synonymous part of nearly all Splendette collections. These statement pieces add an eye-catching pop of colour to your vintage inspired outfits, especially those of the pin up persuasion.


Possibly my favourite part of the collection is the addition of the drop hoop earrings. I just love 'em! I love using them to either complete the glittery set of all the same colours, or clash them with some other fakelite pieces. I especially love wearing them with a vintage up-do hairstyle so that they can twinkle in their fullest and truly steal the show!