Who remembers last Christmas' collection featuring red Tonttu and Green Garland? This year we wanted to add to that collection with other colours that could sit alongside their festive friends in harmony. So, to the drawing board Eeva went to see what she could magic up this year.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style Christmas jewellery with white Lumi and black Musta Atomic Snowflake bangles

Musta (literally meaning black in Finnish) is the first of the two new colours for Christmas 2020. Just like Tonttu and Garland, Musta is super mid-century inspired with it's snowflake patterns which are so reminiscent of a 1950s Christmas. The black outside is contrasted with a white interior, which peeks through on the Extra Wide Musta Bangle, and sits just on the inside of the Midi Musta (kinda like how it does on the Hater duotone from this summer).

To contrast against the black of Musta we have Lumi. Lumi is one of the forty (yes forty) Finnish words for or about snow so we chose the most popular one for our white Atomic Snowflake variety. Just like its pal, Musta, it has a reverse colour as well, but this time it is red. Lumi is so beautiful, and will look incredible when teamed with some red and green glitters as part of a 1950s wintertime outfit.

There are Narrows in all three sizes of the bangles. The Narrows show of the diamante details best, with the red and green glittery stones catching the light and sparkling like little stars. The Extra Wide and Midi bangles will come in Classic and Duchess size, with the Narrow Maiden being able to be used as a stopper if necessary.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style Christmas white Lumi and black Musta Atomic Snowflake Drop Hoop Earrings

Of course, there are earrings to match the bangles! They are our famous drop-hoop style which is heavily inspired by the 1950s styles. Both Musta and Lumi have the snowflake carvings in them with the reverse colours to match their respective bangles.

By the time this blog entry goes live we're hoping that these are available on the website and could even be flying on their way to your homes for Christmas! To stay more in the loop with our news and updates, don't forget to join our Facebook group, Splendette Stack & Style Society.