Ooh this is exciting! For the first time ever, Splendette has launched a Valentine's range of gorgeous vintage inspired jewellery. The range is perfect for those who love a touch of the 1950s, as it is full of beautiful pastel colours and starburst carving reminiscent of the mid-century era.

Just like the Atomic Christmas range, the Valentine's range will have bangles and earrings, but this collection will also see a return of brooches. The trio will make the perfect gift for your loved one, or maybe a treat to yourself! The extra wide and midi bangles will come in Classic and Duchess size, whilst the Narrow bangles will also include Maiden. We are making room for the new pretties that 2021 will bring us, and as we expand the ranges, we are having to scale back on the amount we can stock of certain sizes. As lots of you use Maidens as a stopper (rather than have a full stack of it) this is the best compromise we could have to ensure that everyone can get involved in the Valentine's fun.

Colour wise, oh these are so stunning! There are three to choose from: white Secret Admirer, pink Sweetheart and red Heartthrob. All of the bangles have a pearlescent sheen to them and are inlayed with delicate resin hearts, red for Sweetheart and Secret Admirer, and black for Heartthrob. The extra wides and the midis have an extra eye-catching element of sparkling diamantes which just make this collection super special.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style red Valentine's fakelite jewellery flat lay

They look so fabulous stacked together in pretty much any order, but we love to see them stacked alongside some matching glitters (wouldn't silver look incredible with Sweetheart and Secret Admirer?) and Spring 2020's pastels - honestly, Coconut goes with absolutely everything. Heartthrob naturally pairs well with our other black fakelite pieces, and maybe a bit of Hater from the Duotones as well. It seems odd to have something called Hater in something all about love but hey, when the stack is right, the stack is right!


The response to this collection on our social media has been absolutely mind-blowing! Seriously, thank you! Whilst the initial launch is live on the website now, we will be restocking at the end of February. This is after Valentine's day but love is for every day and everyone! Don't forget to check if any of our stockists also have the collection as it has been popular with our wholesalers as well.

And on that note...happy stacking you lovely lovebirds!