I've been teasing you all with this campaign for so long and I'm so happy to say that our Autumn 2019 range is finally live on the website! So, what have we got for you...

There are seven new colours and, for the first time, all three widths of our fakelite bangles are coming in all three sizes! We know how important it is that your Duchesses and Maidens are taken care of as well so we have taken on board your feedback and made sure all of our fakelite is available for everyone.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style autumn 2019 fakelite bangles

Roasty toasty stack featuring: Mulberry, Fox and Mouse

There was a heavy 1940s fashion vibe going for this range, but, obviously, you can wear these for any vintage inspired outfit. Take Fox for example; its a gorgeous burnt orange colour which transcends through the decades. It could be paired with brown Mouse for a 1940s style, or spice it up by teaming it with Catkin to make the stack more mid century modern. Mulberry is an excellent addition to either of these stacks and adds another layer of warmth.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style fakelite bangle jewellery

Green with envy stack featuring: Catkin, Fern and Alder

Green is always a super popular colour with you lovely lot. So, this season you are getting two brand spanking new greens! Alder is a vibrant green which brightens up the stack and is another that covers not only the decades but also the seasons; it partners beautifully with any of our other greens. Also joining the green gang is Fern which is a much deeper green and features some of the most beautiful carving we have done!

Splendette vintage inspired Twilight blue fakelite bead necklace

Completing the autumnal squad is Twilight blue. Inspired by crisp, clear nights when the stars shine it is a deep blue base with carved star bursts - a sophisticated new edition to the blue collection. Twilight also comes in all of the fakelite bangle varieties, and leads us nicely on to talk our bead necklaces and earrings...

All of the colour varieties have matching earrings and necklaces. Some come in our iconic bead necklace design whilst others have their own special designs, such as the spectacular Catkin Curve Bead necklace. The new fakelite earrings come in several varieties, including the drop hoop design and a couple of the carved hoops.

Splendette vintage inspired Catkin yellow fakelite hoop earrings

We are so happy with this collection and we are so excited to see how you lovely lot team them with your outfits. Whether you are 1940s fashion fabulous or a mid century style goddess get your stack on - and don't forget to tag us!

(PS: you may have noticed some other goodies snuck into those stacks, but we're saving those for another blog article...)