Way back when in those hazy days of 2015 when Splendette was born it was obvious that leopard print was going to be a staple in the stacks we created. Sticking to the traditional colour of yellow with black spots, our Yellow Leopard Bangle has been one of our all time best sellers, and has been repeatedly restocked throughout the seasons.

Splendette vintage inspired stack of fakelite bangles with leopard print coral pink yellow teal

So...why leopard print? The 1950s has many iconic fashion styles and characteristics, but one of the most famous has to be its fiery use of leopard print. Synonymous with the bad boy/girl image of the new teenage culture it became a cult wardrobe piece of any rockabilly and hotrodder. The print was then adopted by numerous subcultures, such as the punks of the 1970, and the neo-rockabillies and pyschobillies of the 1980s. 

It's no wonder why our original leopard print bangle is so popular! As a result of this we decided that although a leopard can't change its spots, it can change its colour. In summer 2019 Orange Leopard Bangle hit the website to a roaring success (yes, pun completely intended).

Splendette stack of vintage inspired 1950s style leopard print bangles yellow and orange

And now we are super pleased to launch NINE new colours of leopard print. All eleven colourways are available in Regular, Maiden and Duchess bangles and will have matching drop hoop earrings so you can be a real rockabilly rebel.

Rainbow stack of vintage inspired 1950s style leopard print fakelite bangles

L-R Brown, Mulberry, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Jade, Blue, Grape, Pink, White

These are going to unleash so many wild sides in you lot! Which is your favourite?