Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, others say it’s Halloween. Whichever party you’re in, both are an excellent excuse to dress up, and, for the first time ever, there is a Splendette Halloween range. We are so excited about it!

The vintage world, and especially the 1950s, was chock-a-block with B Movies filled with lots of creepy and freaky creatures, so it makes sense that we took a lot of inspiration from it for our new spook-stackular selection.

When you think of Halloween one of the first things you probably think of is the iconic pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Jack O Lantern is a tale almost as old as Samhain and originates in Ireland before becoming the character we all know from American culture. Jack-O is a mixture of his orange flesh and dark, hollow eyes – but of course we’ve added a bit of Splendette sparkle to the bangles and earrings to jazz it all up a bit!

Splendette vintage inspired fakelite Jack-O pumpkin orange and black necklace

We reckon that Morticia Addams, Vampira and Lily Munster would all fight tooth and nail to get their hands-on Vamp. Blood red in colour and dripping with more jewels Vamp is up there with the most glamorous of colourways in the Halloween range. I think it’s obvious where we got the inspiration for this one from, and the expectation is that this one will fly out! Psychobilly gang…we’re looking at you!

Splendette Halloween Vamp model image vintage inspired blood red carved fakelite jewellery

In 1935 Bride of Frankenstein burst onto the silver screen and a true Halloween icon was born. Can you see how we have used her husband as influence in Monster Mash? Swampy green swirled with blackest black we think it’s a perfect accompaniment to your ghoulish garbs. (Also, really hope we got that song stuck in your head)

Splendette vintage inspired fakelite Halloween Frankenstein green drop earrings

Hey doll, what’s your potion? Probably the most sophisticated colour in the range, Potion, is a rich purple shimmering like a cauldron of poisonous witch’s brew. Although it obviously has its roots firmly in Halloween, Potion could be paired with any vintage inspired outfit – team it up with some yellows for a more vibrant look and keep the vibe going all year long.

Splendette vintage inspired fakelite carved Potion purple wide bangle

So, what do you all think? Which is your favourite? I don’t think we can choose here in Splendette HQ! This is our first venture into this mystical realm and are pretty chuffed out how they have turned out. Now, to start planning my costume…