If you have been keeping an eye on our Instagram and Facebook you would have seen a few stacks of branding spanking new bangles. Aren't they fabulous?! Duotone is inspired by vintage carvings of the mid century years (Splendette HQ's fave, obvs) and I reckon they blend in with our other ranges perfectly! We are especially loving the clash of Flamingo and Parrot, as well as the throwback to one of the first ranges Eeva designed, renamed as Lover and Hater.

The Collection

There are six partnerships in the collection, totaling twelve new colours. Don't say we don't spoil you lovely lot! Each colour comes in the three widths of bangle (Narrow, Midi and Wide), as well as matching a beaded necklace and a pair of earrings. As promised, we are trying to produce all of our main seasonal launches (spring, summer, autumn and winter) in all of the three sizes (Maiden, Classic and Duchess). If you haven't seen our wee update about Regular becoming Classic, we have a short but sweet blog explaining why.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone stoak of orange Sunset yellow Sunrise red Lover black Hater with leopard print

So what have we got coming for you?

First up, what is it they say? Birds of a feather flock together? It doesn't get more kitschy vintage inspired than Flamingo and Parrot. Take them from your tropical paradise front lawn and adorn your wrist with a stack of carved fakelite fabulouslness, with a Duotone of bright pink and mint green. Flamingo is the vibrant pink number and Parrot is its twin with a mint green base. The earrings are bloomin' marvellous drop hoops which are going to add a splash of colour to any totally tropical 1950s style outfit.

Keeping it bright and beautiful, Sunrise and Sunset are little rays of sunshine. Literally. It's a juicy combo inspired by many Mediterranean holidays of summers past. Repping the morning is yellow based Sunrise with orange carving, and then seeing out the day is Sunset which is a switcharoo of orange with yellow carving.  The earrings are slices of heaven which look like segments of your fave citrus fruits.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950 style fashion fakelite Duotone yellow Sunrise orange Sunset drop earrings

Let's freshen it up a bit with the greens. We have Spring, which is the lighter green, and Summer, the darker green. Together they create a beautiful natural couple which we love combining with a splash of pink or going a bit more tropical with one of the woven trios. We've stuck to the classic thicker hoop shape for the earrings, both with beautiful carvings in the fakelite, and same for the beads. I really love the Spring beads in this collection and think they go with so many vintage inspired outfits, especially if you're partial to a pastel.

Following on with the natural theme let's get the floral feeling going. Clematis and Violet are our pick of the purples for this Duotone collection. Clematis is the lighter purple, with Violet carving in geometric petal shapes, mimicked and reversed for the mid-purps Violet variety. Just like with the greens we have gone for a simple hoop for the earrings, but the carving is just a little bit different (we do like to keep it all shook up here).

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone green stack Spring Summer Chartreuse Forest leopard print

Sometimes you just want to go for more of the natural look. For that, let me introduce to you Almond and Walnut. Although they are made from fakelite the brown Duotone combo is great for adding a wood effect to your stack. Wood effect was a big trend in the mid-century years, so this is our little nod to that. Whether your want to go for a 1940s westernwear style or a more tropical 1950s vibe, adding a dash of Almond and Walnut will elevate your look to new levels.

And last but not least we have Lover and Hater. As I said at the top of this piece, they are inspired by one of our first collections way back when in 2015. Everyone in the Facebook group has been screaming out for us to bring back that collection, and although we try not to reissue the exact same sets, we will take inspiration from previous ones. Lover is a vivacious red with contrasting white carvings, whilst Hater is its darker partner with a inky black base. I think everyone should have both of these in their collections as they create such good breaks between all the other colours.  

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s style fashion fakelite Duotone stack Almond Walnut brown black Hater leopard print tropical western wear

We are SO excited by this collection. It has such a summery vibe and think some of the partnerships will be firm favourites with you bunch of marvellous people. If you need a quick fakelite fix we have the combos coming in sets of three bangles as well so you can pick them up and pop 'em in your baskets lickety spit.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and now...to plan autumn!

(Oh...did you spot that there are four new leopard colours as well? Hehe!)