Well, it's almost here, everyone!! The Rockabilly Rave is one of my favourite weekenders but this year's has totally snuck up on me.

Splendette only trades at a couple of weekenders as they can take up so much of your time and energy, they can be super exhausting! I take my hat off to guys like Freddie's of Pinewood and Rocket Originals that do so many throughout the year. They're made of tough stuff!!

So, over the years, we've built up quite a collection of samples so we thought this year, we'd have a bit of a sample sale at the weekenders to make a bit of space. The samples are so varied, it'd take us far too long to photograph everything so we'll let you come along and see yourselves!

We'll be trading from midday on Friday to 6pm on Sunday downstairs in the Rave Cave. Take a look at the little map I've done to help guide you in!

Please do come along and say hi as I really love meeting people in person. It's so lush to put faces to names and I love to talk soooo.......



* Title image from www.rockabillyrave.co.uk