Hi gang!!

Really sorry for the radio silence, since the Rave, I've been on my hols then straight into new product launch, which can be pretty all consuming.

The Rave was soooo much fun. I was in a chalet with some of my pals which was, as always, pretty ridiculous! I really value my friends and this time we get to spend together a few times a year is always the best. This particular Rockabilly Rave felt suuuper busy, which I think was partly because of the amazing line up, and everyone seemed in a right old party mood.

I was trading downstairs in the little room to the side of the bar. As always, the room was BAKING hot. Typically, I forgot my lovely big fan from home so had to buy a little one from Asda which was as much use as a chocolate teapot! Next year I WILL REMEMBER!!

Anyway, once again, I got to meet lots of lovely people, which I love as I can talk and talk! My friend Helen of Memo Helen popped by and took some lovely pics of the stand and my bangles for me. I've popped a couple in here for you to see. I also cleared through practically all of my samples, which means I now have a wee bit more space in the studio. Hurrah!!

Another of my favourite things was the cocktail party at my pals Liz and Chris's chalet. It got pretty ridiculous with loads of dancing on the lawn, volcano cocktails with huge straws and delicious shots out of little boots. They're just the best at throwing a do, everyone came away saying how lovely they were. We love you Liz and Chris!

I feel like I should also let it be know that I'm terrible at making it to see bands. Like, really bad. I have all the good intentions but I somehow manage to miss so many! I did, however, get to see the Delta Bombers and, although I've seem them many times, I really enjoy watching them every time.

There are so many other things I can think of that make me love the Rockabilly Rave but I'd also love to hear what you all like about it and what keeps you coming back. Leave me some comments below!


P.s. Will I see you at Atomic? I'll be trading with Luxulite and we might just have a little surprise for you! Shhhhhh.....