Rewind, it's 2016. We've been launched for a year or so now but there is still a something that we wanted to fulfill. So many of you lovely lot had got in contact with us asking for different sizes, in particular larger, so those who don't fit traditionally sized bangles can get on board the Splendette train. Eeva put on her thinking cap and thought about how to make this a reality for both customers and the business. After some head scratching, some pencil chewing and a little wine drinking, Duchess sized bangles were born.

Splendette AW17 Duchess shoot vintage inspired 1940s style fakelite

Our Regular sized bangles have a wrist hole size of 6.5cm, where as the Duchess sized are just a smidge bigger at 7.5cm wide. It might sound like only a fraction of a difference but every millimetre counts and by widening our bangle size selection it has allowed so many more beauties enjoy our bangles.

It started off that we just did a few fakelite Duchess bangles in each season from the start of 2017. This was because we needed to test the waters of the market. We would have loved to offer the full range straight off the starting line but we needed to make sure that the product worked and worked throughout the seasons. As a small business we need make a minimum order quota when getting any new products in and we can't afford to waste a lot of stock, which meant that we couldn't do it all all at once. We picked and chose what we thought would sell best throughout the next few season range launches and waited...

Luckily, it paid off and we saw that our amazing customers loved the Duchess range and so from Autumn 2019 we took the plunge and did all our fakelite bangles in both Duchess and Maiden sizes (you can read about the birth of Maiden bangles soon, I promise!). 

So, whether your are more into your 1940s fashion or have of a 1950s style, or prefer pastels over darker hues, you can now get all your gorgeous vintage inspired fakelites in the larger Duchess size in the current range and future seasons.

Not sure on what size is perfect for you? We have a handy bangle size guide which should help you decide.