Splendette Ethical and Environmental Policy

Supplier Ethical Policy

Here at Splendette we believe in fair treatment throughout the whole of our supply chain. All of Splendette’s jewellery is made with fully audited manufacturers in India. The minimum requirement for our suppliers is that they have an SA8000:2008 audit in place but our main suppliers are SMETA audited to ensure that their occupational safety and working conditions are of a high standard. My previous work experience with the major high street retail sector highlighted the importance of ethical working practices and this is something we will always commit to with our manufacturers.

Staff Ethical Policy

We are currently a team of two and we also have casual staff who jump in to help at peak times, such as launches, to help us pick and pack orders. Splendette is an Equal Opportunities employer. We believe that our workplace should be a safe environment, free from discrimination and prejudice. We are always learning and adapting to ensure that all staff are safe, valued and enjoy working for Splendette. We at Splendette value all of our staff greatly. Whether permanent or casual, all staff are paid over the National Living Wage for the UK.

Environmental Packaging Policy

All air wrap (e.g. bubble wrap) that we send out is recycled from deliveries we have received or other units in our building. Currently, 50% of our jewellery bags are biodegradable, the rest are being worked on with our manufacturers. The rest of our packaging is paper. We try to ensure none of our suppliers use plastic wrap in our orders coming in to us but, if it’s unavoidable, we’ll reuse the wrap in outgoing orders and parcels. We reuse boxes that we receive for larger and wholesale orders and all boxes old and new are fully recyclable. Any studio waste that has to be recycled, is recycled by a professional waste recycling firm. We also encourage selling and trading of our jewellery in the Facebook group so unwanted jewellery is given a new lease of life.

Carbon Off-setting Action

Splendette uses Ecologi to help our business be more climate positive. Ecologi is an environmental organisation who fund the planting of a new tree for every order placed on our website.

So far Splendette has planted:

We plant trees with Ecologi