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Website Tips & Tricks

Website Tips & Tricks

The vintage inspired world of Splendette has so many options to chose from, and we want to make sure that you get the right bangles, earrings and necklaces in your basket so you can get your stack on as soon as possible. So, first of all let's talk terms, and then we'll go into some neat tips and tricks to get around the website so it fits your own personal needs and desires.

What do the bangle widths mean?

There are three main widths for Splendette bangles:

(Sometimes Extra Wide is snuck in too, like with our 1950s style Starburst range, but they are not in our core range of widths.)

The widths relate to the width of the fakelite band as it sits in the stack, with Narrow being the slimmest and Wide being the, well, widest. Most of the collections will have all three widths within them, and we are trying to ensure that all three widths come in all three sizes (more about that below). Leopard is in a league of its own. It comes in one width, most like a Midi, but due to its clear bubble design it does sit a little differently within a stack.

You can search for bangles by their widths on the website. Say you just want some new Narrow bangles to slip between the Wides you already have in your collection. If you go to the 'Bangle' tab along the top of the website (if you're on a mobile then you'll see it listed in the menu option on the left hand side) then you'll see all the widths listed as options to chose from.

What do the bangle sizes mean?

As well as three bangle widths there are also three bangle sizes.

The size of the bangle relates to the diameter of the inner wrist hole. You need to be able to get your hand through the bangle but also have it fit snugly enough that it won't fall off of your wrist. We have a bangle size guide to make things a little simpler so you get the right size for you. 

Some previous ranges didn't come in all three sizes, but going forward we are striving to make all ranges include Maiden, Regular and Duchess.

Look out for the two icons over the product images for a quick reference for the bangle size. If there is no icon over the image then it will be the Regular size.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s 1960s style jewellery Maiden Extra Small iconSplendette vintage inspired 1940s 1950s 1960s style fashion fakelite jewellery Duchess larger size icon

Tip! If you're in-between sizes get a few bangles in the smaller size down to use as stoppers at the bottom of your stack to prevent slippage.

How can I find things quickly on the website?

Once you know your size there are a few nifty tricks to take you straight to the vintage inspired jewellery delights your heart desires. If you love a theme to your stack then you can go straight to the pre-made collections, such as Pastel, Heavy Carved and Glitter. There you will see all the widths of fakelite bangles in that collection, including the sizes and any extra jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces.

Tip! If you know your size then you can filter by that size in particular for that collection. For instance, say you're a big leopard lover who wears a Duchess. You can go to the Leopard collection and click on 'Filter by'; choose Duchess from the list et voila!

Tip! If you are a particular size and want, let's say, a few Wide bangles to make a statement in your stack you can filter just like above. Go to the Maiden collection, for instance, and then filter by Wide. There you'll have all the Wide Maiden bangles we currently have available!

Tip! If you fancy just a colour then head to the colours tab which will have a rainbow of options. Let's say you're after some yellow earrings. Go to the Yellow collection and then filter by Earrings and you'll be presented with all the bright and cheery yellow earrings, including any in the same!

Tip! If you know really specifically what you want then the search bar will be your best friend. You can search a specific word/phrase in the search bar and it will show you everything that mentions that word/phrase on the website.

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Style Spotlight - Vintage Swimwear

Style Spotlight - Vintage Swimwear

Summer is well and truly here. Even if you can't get to the beach, pool or off on your holiday, we can still gawp at gorgeous vintage swimwear from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s together. The iconic pieces of the mid-century period have influenced the styles and fashions of future summers right up until this day, with many high-street designers and small vintage repro businesses taking inspiration from yesteryear.

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s hand painted summer swim wear bikini fashion style

The 1940s

The 1940s is when swimwear really came into its own. Prior to this decade most swimwear wasn't made from the most flattering fabric and was subject to strict guidelines. These guidelines really were enforced by the 'swimwear police' who measured how much skin was on show and who could actually arrest women who dared to flash a thigh.

Cut outs in one-piece swimsuits became fashionable during the 1930s, and this trend continued into the 1940s when two-pieces became more popular. The bottoms were often high-rise, a very popular shape for anyone familiar with vintage fashion, often looking more like a skirt than shorts, and the top was larger than a traditional bra with it only showing a band of skin at the navel. The fabrics were often hand painted making each and every swimsuit unique. This was uniqueness trend was a trait of the 1940s; if you fancy reading more on 1940s spring and summer fashion head to our little article on it once you're done here.

You can still find some amazing 1940s swimsuits if you scour the internet, vintage fairs and selling groups on Facebook. They will often be fragile and much more suitable for posing in than actually swimming, but boy do they look fabulous! If you do fancy a dip then repro will be your friend. Most vintage inspired reproduction swimsuits can pass for both the 1940s and the 1950s, and, like everything, it all comes down to how you accessorise. The 1940s was all about rich and powerful colours to bring brightness to their dark world. We love how our Heavy Carved fakelite looks with 1940s swimwear, giving it the added note of decadence, especially when teamed with some of our woven bangles as well. 

Splendette vintage inspired 1940s style heavy carved fashion fakelite pin up model shoot bangles necklace earrings

The 1950s

Post-war and post-rationing fashion was allowed to come into it's element. The 1950s was the decade of holidays at home and aboard. Holiday parks like Butlins and our favourite Pontins (ahem) gave families the opportunity to have time away together, and with that came more excuses to get creative with swimwear.

Although the bikini was officially invented in 1946 (debatable depending on what you define a bikini as but for the purpose of this blog we're going with 1946) it was just a bit too risque for the masses for a few more years. By the mid-1950s, with teenage rebellion wafting through the air, the bikini was here and it was here to stay. Bottoms became smaller and busts became more, er, prominent. Racier Hollywood starlet pin-ups like Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot popularised the skimpier bikini, but the traditional one piece remained popular in the magazines and with the public - who can forget the white swimsuit worn by Marilyn Monroe in her Sam Shaw photoshoot from 1956?

1950s swimsuits are much easier to come by thanks to them being ever so slightly newer and made from much more durable fabrics. Although I still wouldn't recommend swimming in them (especially not in chlorinated water) they will be more forgiving than their previous counterparts. Once again, reproduction will be your best friend. I love shopping from Outerlimitz for my reproduction stuff. Designed by Di Brooks their clothing is great quality and comes in a wide range of sizes - plus they do swimwear! Not just swimwear either, they do all the beachwear you could think of including towel cover-ups which are perfect for the beach. Other options include Bettylicious who have such an amazing selection of 1950s inspired swimsuits, and, when in doubt, Unique Vintage will always have our back. Unique Vintage have a plethora of reproduction pieces on their website, including us! (That's another tip you can have for free. If we are out of stock of any of our jewellery, check in with them as they might have over on their site.)

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion beach swimwear pinup hair blonde bombshell

The 1960s

Now the 1960s is the decade where you can explore a vintage style with more modern note. The fashion industry is always taking influence from this iconic decade, whether it be in prints, patterns or accessories. For swimwear, bikinis got much, much, much smaller than during the 1940s and 1950s, actually becoming much more like the bikini designed by Louis Réard back in 1946. This trend has stuck with us for many years which means that for a 1960s beach vibe you can find many inspired pieces on the high street today. You want to look out for big, bold colours (think oranges and greens) with swirly, psychedelic prints if you're going for the west coast California vibe, or go for polka dots if you want the itsy-bitsy-yellow-polka-dot-bikini look.

What is going to make it really stand out as a 1960s inspired outfit is going to be the accessories. Build yourself some big ol' hair (tease, tease and tease!), shield your eyes with some oversized sunglasses, and, of course, drip yourself in lots of jewellery. The drop hoop earrings were super popular throughout the entire decade and look great with a mahoosive beehive. Team them with a stack of bangles and jangle your way to the beach. The 1960s was all about clashing colours so if you're wearing orange think about teaming them with green jewellery, pinks with blues, yellows with purples. You get the idea. 

Splendette vintage inspired 1960s beach party swimwear retro surfboard


I love vintage swimwear and just being by the beach in general (I grew up on the coast and feel a bit funny when I go too in land) so this was a super fun article to write. I think the late 1950s and early 1960s are my favourite, but I find so much vintage fashion inspiration in it all. Where shall we shine the spotlight next?

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Jewellery Care 101

Jewellery Care 101

Everyone wants to keep their jewellery looking as fresh and fancy as the day it arrive on your doorstep. There are a few ways to make sure your vintage inspired accessories stay as treasured possessions for as long as possible. From stopping fakelite fade to preventing the dreaded de-lacquering I'm going to try and lend a hand with a little jewellery care 101. These are methods that myself and other Splendette babes have tried and tested, but we're always looking for more tips! Join our Facebook group to drop in and let us know what works for you.

Keeping them clean

One good thing to come out of this Coronavirus crisis is the reminder to clean all those things which we normally wouldn't think twice about doing. Before all this I probably cleaned my bangles once or twice a year, or maybe even just when I thought they needed a spruce up. Now I'm thinking a lot more about what I'm coming into contact with and then what I am bringing home as a result. Bangles, necklaces and earrings being included in that. 

I have found that the best way to clean my bangles isn't with any harsh chemicals (I don't want to risk any damage to the fakelite) but with just a little bit of gentle soap (or shampoo!), warm water and a wash cloth. I give everything a quick wipe over with the damp cloth and then leave them to dry before buffing off any water spots with a dry cloth (glasses ones are amazing for this). I cleaned my make up brushes like this for years but it has translated well over to jewellery too.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style carved fashion milk fakelite cool toned bangle stack

Stop the fade

As Buddy Holly sang "you know my loving not fade away", no one wants the colour of their fakelite to fade. It's inevitable to an extent, especially if you are lucky enough to live where the sun shines a lot (insert joke about British weather here), but you can do your best to prevent extra fading by keeping your bangles, earrings and necklaces stored away safely out of sunlight.

The easiest way to keep the fade away is just to not keep them in direct sunlight. Yup. It's that simple. We love seeing everyone's bangle displays up in their bedrooms on one of our stands (we have two if you didn't know, the Atomic Bamboo Stand and the Revolving Acrylic one) but if you choose this way then make sure you don't store them near a window as it could risk one side of the bangle becoming faded. The safest way to keep them would be in a big box, like a hat box, or even better one of our Atomic Diamonds Cases. The Bangle Cases flew out of stock, and we're working on relaunching those, but there are still a few options available to improvise with.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style Atomic Diamonds Jewellery Storage bangle box earrings case wash make up bag sunglasses

Get unstuck

There are two substances that are the absolute pure nemeses of fakelite jewellery: hairspray and sunscreen. Once that devilish (but essential for other reasons) stuff touches a bangle, a bead or an earring then its game over and you're stuck with a sticky surface. If you catch it quick enough you should be able to wipe it off with a bit of soapy water (see above) without it doing too much damage, but let it linger and it can destroy the precious fakelite below. 

I advise putting your earrings in absolutely last thing after finishing your fabulous vintage hairstyle. I know that I use a lot of hairspray when doing my hair (I layer that stuff up so my hair isn't moving for days!) and so I let it completely dry before putting earrings in. If I need to touch it up I'll take the jewellery out before re-spraying.

We can't advise too much on particular sunscreen brands to avoid as they can vary from country to country but a top tip is to test any new sunscreen on the inside of a bangle. Put a little dab onto your finger or onto a cotton bud and rub it carefully on the inside of a bangle. If you can see any damage then avoid that one. But, I know the importance of wearing sunscreen so wait at least half an hour between putting on your protection and slipping on any bangles or fastening a necklace. This way the cream will be well absorbed into your skin and any potential damage will be minimised. Some body lotions and moisturisers can also have the same effect.



Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fruit salad tutti frutti carved fashion milk fakelite leopard print stack


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Carved, Curved & Beaded - A Necklace 101

Carved, Curved & Beaded - A Necklace 101

I thought I'd give you a little crash course in our necklace range as we talk so much about our bangles it only seems right that they're given some time to shine.

Necklaces are a staple in any jewellery collection let alone those which have a vintage flair to them. We have been doing our iconic bead necklace range since the dawn of Splendette time but over the years we have released lots of other varieties to chose from as well as tweaking the classic. We've also listened lots to your feedback. Our Spring 2020 range of necklaces comes with chain extenders to make them longer or shorter to suit you.

I love the versatility of a necklace and how it can make an outfit come alive. The glitters can add sparkle, whilst the curved beads poking from beneath a shirt look super authentic. So, let's begin the lesson...

The basic bead

Our bread and butter necklace wise is the beaded necklace. Inspired by a necklace from Eeva's granny's 1950s collection you can see it in almost every range Splendette has launched since 2015. Starting off smaller and getting larger in the middle the Bead Necklace is a classic vintage inspired shape.

Our Heavy Carved range features this shape beautifully, with the basic bead individually carved for an eye-catching touch. We also added a heavy dose of sparkle to the shape when we brought out our glitter range with matching necklaces.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style glitter bead necklace in bright Leaf green

Ahead of the curve

If you're after a slightly different shape may we suggest the curved bead? It is a repeating pattern of round beads and curved beads with a flat edge to sit flush to your decolletage  (great word).

You can find it in a number of our collections including the current Spring 2020 range in the shade Rose. It also featured in Catkin from Autumn 2019 (I love this one for a pop of colour against navy) and in our super 1940s style Multicoloured necklace inspired by the telephone handbags of the era.

Splendette 1940s style fashion fakelite curved bead necklace in yellow Catkin with Mouse brown accents

One of a kinds

Every so often there will be a necklace that stands out from the crowd is doesn't really fall into any of the other categories. We've had disc necklaces, beehive shaped necklaces, and even necklaces to really sink your teeth into (honestly Vamp was amazing and definitely not just for Halloween).

Sometimes they will be released alongside the traditional beaded necklace shape or sometimes they'll be a lone ranger, repping their colour on their own. For the Spring 2020 range we have Frosty in the one of a kind camp which has a lush delicate nature to it.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion fakelite Frosty blue Coconut white necklace

And there ends our lesson. Whether you favour the 1940s or the 1950s there will be a necklace in one of our ranges to finish off an outfit - I think they especially look best when paired with matching earrings. See you in next week's class!

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1940s Fashion - Spring & Summer

1940s Fashion - Spring & Summer

A couple of weeks ago we journeyed down the time tunnel to the 1950s and saw everything that decade had to offer for the warmer weather seasons. This time we're going a smidge further back to the 1940s.

The 1940s was a time spotlighted by one topic: war. Although the war finished in 1945 (75 years exactly before me writing this blog in fact), its shadow was cast over the entire decade in some form or another. In terms of fashion it was mostly by the means of rationing, a strong 'make do and mend' culture and recycling what they had. So, how did they incorporate all of that to create the fabulous style the vintage community is still so heavily inspired by today?

1940s spring summer vintage fashion style Splendette

This was the decade when workwear became a fashion statement. Whilst men were fighting on the front lines, women took to the roles they left behind on the farms, in the factories and in the forests. My great-nan, Eve Sintra later Benson, worked in the Supermarine factories building Merlin engines for the famous Spitfires - a far cry from her domestic service during the 1930s! Skirts were out, and trousers were in. Tailoring became more traditionally masculine in shape and style was androgynous throughout. Trousers had been gaining popularity since the 1930s but it wasn't until the 1940s that they became the norm. In the summer, shorts were even becoming more acceptable. Styled more like culottes, teamed with sandals and often a light-weight cotton blouse, shorts were first more popular with our American sisters but they gained traction as the decade progressed.

1940s spring summer vintage fashion style Splendette

Of course, dresses were still the most popular choice of garment in the 1940s summers. Due to the austerity that partners so well with war, as well as the imposed rationing in the UK, dresses were often recycled year on year and patched up with the iconic 'make do and mend' mantra. By altering small pieces of the dress, it could be revitalised to follow that season's trends. A shoulder pad here (shoulder pads were popular before the 1980s, y'know), a new button there, and a slightly altered neckline meant that year on year fashion was still evolving. This had a great lasting effect which basically meant that no two garments were ever the same. At least you'd never see someone else out in the same outfit as you!

1940s spring summer vintage fashion style 1940s

Another way women found to get inventive was through our favourite subject...accessories! Lots of our collections are inspired by the Bakelite bangles, necklaces and earrings of the 1940s. The one most appropriate for the spring and summer seasons would be our Heavy Carved range which emulates the richer colours which were popular throughout the decade. Sunglasses were also very popular (as they had been throughout the 1920s and 1930s) but this time they stuck around. Raybans anyone? The aviator style sunglasses have reappeared in almost every decade since in some form or another. A really fun fact I found out whilst researching this article was the love of all things glow in the dark. Due to the blackout every night the British Government encouraged people to wear something white or glow in the dark so fellow pedestrians and motorists could spot them in the darkness. Everything from hair flowers to buttons was given the luminous effect. Glow in the dark bangles anyone?

1940s spring summer vintage fashion style sunglasses accessories Splendette

Women could still buy new dresses, knickers and shoes but, due to rationing implemented in June 1941, fabric in the UK was scarce and clothes were issued on a points based system. Everyone was issued with a set number of coupons (the amount varied year on year) to use for their equal ration of new clothing. Each item had a different coupon value, for instance a new dress was eleven coupons and a pair of stockings was two. In 1942, the famous CC41 label had to be sewn into any new clothing. Utility clothing, as this was called, meant that all items were made by the same material, were uniform, and cost the same across the board. Utility clothing was very popular and stuck around until the rationing limits were finally lifted in 1952. Vintage collectors and enthusiasts out there will rip arms off for anything labelled CC41 so keep your eyes out!

1940s spring summer vintage fashion style swimwear Splendette

I really wanted to talk about the beauty, hair and make up trends of the 1940s at this point but I think I'll save that for another entry. For now, I would just like to thank these women for keeping their spirits high during such horrendous times, and inspiring us not only in our vintage fashion tastes but via their courageous attitudes which we can use through our own trying time right now. 

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Style Spotlight - Audrey Hepburn

Style Spotlight - Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of the vintage British girl next door; she was cute but charming, smart but not arrogant, giving without boastfulness. Her style is synonymous with the Little Black Dress and chic European elegance, whilst her hairstyles set trends which have become so iconic in vintage fashion history they are still replicated today.

Born in Belgium in 1929, Audrey (or Adriaantje to her family) grew up speaking both English and Dutch, and moved back and forth between countries until her (questionably moralled) father left the family just before the outbreak of the Second World War. During the war, Audrey and her family suffered under Nazi occupation and the consequences would stay with her for life. Her willowy frame was a result of a combination of her dance background as a child and the Dutch famine experienced during the war years. Rumours have it that Audrey used her dance skills to perform at secret charity functions to raise money for the Dutch Resistance - a humanitarian, Oscar winning, Nazi fighter?! She just gets better and better!

Audrey Hepburn vintage 1950s Hollywood icon retro spring style mid century Splendette

After the war Miss Hepburn turned to ballet and acting, giving her acting debut in Dutch In Seven Lessons, and educational film about, yup, learning Dutch. It's on YouTube if you care to watch it. Just five short years later Audrey would pick up an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for her leading role in Roman Holiday alongside Gregory Peck. And that is where we will pick up the vintage fashion side of her story...

Audrey Hepburn Gregory Peck Roman Holiday Vespa vintage Hollywood film 1950s 1953

Roman Holiday showcased European fashion during the 1950s to the global audience, highlighting the obsession with Princess couture that was taking the world by storm (thanks, Dior). Her vintage style throughout the movie is ever changing, moving from the formal, stiff New Look to a more casual, laid-back vibe. And we can't forget to mention the hair cut. The hair cut! It's a pivotal part of the movie, a literal shedding of her royal looks, and was to popularise a trend which was mimicked by hundreds of women off screen. The 'Italian Cut' is still worn by many women who favour a shorter, 1950s inspired hair cut within the vintage community.

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tifffany's still 1961 1960s Splendette vintage inspired jewellery

Moving forward a few more years we reach Breakfast at Tiffany's which is probably Audrey's most famous look and how the majority of people imagine her in their mind. The Little Black Dress, the bouffant chignon, the jewellery. Holly Golightly is one of Hollywood's most emulated characters and frequently reappears in pop culture as a vintage inspiration heroine. The vintage jewellery frequently takes centre stage throughout the film (probably why we like it so much!) and often steals the show. Although we aren't quite Tiffany's, you can see the influence of the late 1950s/early 1960s style in some of our pieces. Take for instance the Narrow Diamante bangles in black and white - they would set off any Holly Golightly inspired outfit to a tee, especially if you paired them with a white bead necklace. We definitely think Audrey Hepburn would have fitted our smaller Maiden range of bangles perfectly.

Audrey Hepburn casual 1950s vintage outfit riding bike cigarette slack pants ballet pumps Splendette

Off stage and set, Audrey Hepburn's style was casually effortless. She loved a slack trouser and ballet pump combo, and often teamed it with a light knit or fitted shirt. She lived an active life, contributing frequently to charity work across the globe, and her fashion choices mimicked this. Although she always looked like a princess at formal premieres and parties, it seems that Audrey was much more comfortable in well tailored casual wear. Jewellery wise, she loved wearing earrings was almost never seen without her lobes adorned in some form of stud, hoop or drop. She is attributed to the popularity of the drop hoop in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, so we can definitely thank her for some major vintage inspiration there!

Audrey Hepburn Sabrina 1950s vintage inspired style drop hoop earrings Splendette

Maybe it's because she is a little closer to home than the American Hollywood celebs of the mid-century golden years, but I have always had a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn. She stars in some of my favourite 1950s and 1960s films, her charity work was quiet but had a great impact, and her casual style is something that I always aspire to. She definitely deserves her place in our style spotlight, and she will shine there forever.

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1950s Fashion - Spring & Summer

1950s Fashion - Spring & Summer

The 20th century saw some of the most iconic fashions of any previous era. The skirts got shorter, then longer, then shorter again. The silhouettes went in, out, straight, curved, and all around. The hair went wavy, straight, curly, big, and back again.

This week it is the turn of those warm, sunny months of the springs and summers of the 1950s.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fakelite jewellery group of girl friends by classic car

The austerity of the 1930s was superseded by the rationing brought on by the Second World War. The 1950s felt like a breath of fresh air to the world and it was reflected in the fashions of the era. You can see how much nostalgic joy this brought to the world by how it lingered in the vintage inspired styles of the next few decades and even onto our catwalks today. The 1980s had a massive resurgence of 1950s inspired clothing, especially within the neo-rockabilly scene which was a large subculture of the time. It is in part thanks to them rescuing their parents' clothes from the attic and driving a new passion into the vintage scene that many of us can enjoy it today!

Let's start at the beginning shall we? It is indisputable that Dior's 'New Look', launched in 1947, paved the way of the future decade's style and by the 1950s it had left the fashion shows and made its way into the wardrobes of the every day woman. It lingered around throughout the decade, and into the very early 1960s in fact, inspiring fashion designers all over. Although it featured more heavily in the winter styles (more to come on that later in the year), you can see the outline in the spring and summer styles too.

The main theme was achieving that glamorous hourglass figure with a fuller bust, a itsy bitsy waist and shapely hips. If it didn't come naturally (and it didn't for many, it's important to remember that) then shape-wear underpinnings were the way to achieve the desired effect. But, it's hot out there, right? You don't want to be wearing layer upon layer of clothing. With the further inventions of plastics and other synthetic materials, underwear was undergoing a revolution. Playtex took the world by storm in the 1950s with its revolutionary underwear reforms, and even smashed through a glass ceiling by being the first company to advertise their bras on national television. The trick is to get a good cone shaped bra (you don't need to go full Madonna!) and some form of light-weight waist cincher. Team that with a waist belt sitting on your true waist and you can also get that mid-century hourglass silhouette.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style advert for day dress circle skirt

The words 1950s summer fashion immediately makes you think of one thing: circle skirts. Circle skirts and dresses were hugely popular during the 1950s and continue to be a cult classic within the vintage world. They used an abundance of fabric which had previously been rationed, could be decorated with countless motifs and patterns, and looked bloomin' fantastic when you spun around in them. For more formal looks, circle skirts could be paired with a starched petticoat, but for day to day wear they were often left in the wardrobe. Oh, and they were never visible below the skirt.

To rival the circle skirts, there were the wiggle-your-hips pencil skirts and dresses. These were seen to be a bit more risque than the circle skirt, which were often worn by the cleaner cut teenagers, the Bobby Soxers, the pre-makeover Sandys so to speak. The pencil skirt, on the other hand, clung to the figure and took the bad girls of teenagedom to new levels of rebellion. Inspired by pin up sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Bettie Page, the pencil skirt revolutionised fashion for women and paved the way for bolder statements in the decades to come.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fakelite jewellery beach wear model

It wasn't just skirts and dresses that were brought out of the wardrobes in the springs and summers of the 1950s. Although they had been around for a few decades now, shorts were becoming more and more popular. Since the war years it had become more acceptable for women to wear trousers, and now the short revolution was in full swing. The key was to keep them high-waisted so they still gave in that nipped-in, hourglass silhouette. They were typically made out of some form of light-weight material, although some were heavier denim too, usually ended at the mid-thigh and didn't cling to the legs too much. The 1950s had come a lot way but they weren't quite ready for too much flesh. Well, in the mainstream that is! There was plenty of underground action for that sort of thing. Maybe I'll write something on that one day...

And to tie all the outfit together, naturally there has to be shoes and accessories. Heels were still a popular choice for plenty of women, especially if they were off to work or to a dance, but flats were also on the increase. We've touched on the teenage fashion of Bobby Soxers who made flat pumps and bobby socks (yup, hence the name) all the rage at schools here and across the pond, but there was also a trend of wearing sandals, and especially espadrille sandals. As holiday travel became more frequent to destinations like Spain and the south of France summer fashions became influenced by continentals trendsetters like young Brigette Bardot. As a result sandals and other styles of flat shoes became the norm as the decade continued.

Splendette vintage inspired fakelite jewellery Brigette Bardot 1950s summer style fashion pin up Hollywood

Tanning had become more popular and so often young women chose to done a headscarf to protect their head (and hair!) from the heat rather than a traditional sun bonnet. There are numerous ways to tie headscarves, some of which have remained popular and prevalent in the rockabilly and pin up communities. Older women still wore hats regularly, and some would not step out the house without a chapeau, considering themselves not properly dressed without one. But now we know better, so remember to wear sunscreen, kids, and don't let yourself burn!

For jewellery, more and more was becoming accessible, especially costume jewellery such as...bangles! Bangles had been popular during the 1930s and 1940s, but remained popular during the 1950s, often leaning towards pastel colours or incorporating metal into them, like the souvenir bracelets picked up on the travels. Although more women had their ears pierced than before, clip-on or screw-back earrings were still the most popular design. Earrings often matched with the colour scheme of the outfit rather than clashed, and, again, incorporated a mixture of plastics and metals.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fakelite jewellery original image of summer models yellow circle dress

Ahh wasn't that a lovely trip down the history catwalk? The 1950s was a revolutionary time for fashion. It was the birth of so many subcultures, the invitation to many freedoms we take for granted, and inspiration for so many designers for the years to come. Where shall we take the fashion history mobile next?

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Style Spotlight - Marilyn Monroe

Style Spotlight - Marilyn Monroe

Just the name Marilyn Monroe immediately conjures up an image of vintage glamour, pinup perfection and 1950s glitz. She was icon who has transcended the decades and her elegance is just as powerful as it was 65 years ago. But she wasn't just the blonde bombshell and sex symbol everyone remembers. Did you know that Marilyn (or rather Norma Jean) was a keen reader with over 400 books in her collection, and her Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is apparently delicious.But we're not here to talk about stuffing, we are here to talk about her legendary outfits, from the early days to that dress.

Marilyn Monroe casual Norma Jean denim vintage outfitNorma Jean Mortenson's style was very different from her alter ego Marilyn's, and you can see this from how her style changes when she is in 'character'. When at home Marilyn preferred a more casual look, and often donned trousers over the slinky dresses she is more known for. You can recreate her casual look with the cleverly named Norma's from Freddies of Pinewood. Twin them with a sweet sweater (get some inspo from our Sweater Girl Style Spotlight article), a pair of sandals and, of course, a stack of pastel bangles for an authentic vintage inspired outfit. It's a great look worn by rockabilly girls all over the world to this day. It's a fab daytime outfit when your hair is setting in curlers but you still want to have that vintage vibe.

When Norma stepped in front of the camera she immediately became the Marilyn Monroe 1950s pinup Hollywood icon black and white wiggle dress suitHollywood legend that we know as Marilyn Monroe. Her classic 1950s style has become vintage inspiration for people the world over. The wiggle dresses which clung to her shapely yet petite frame are now staples in pinup girls and rockabilly lovers' wardrobes, and often paired with iconic jewellery pieces such as our fakelite Starburst bangles from Winter 2019. We think Marilyn would have loved the Clear Starbursts, don't you?                                                                                                                                                                          There are lots of vintage inspired pinup clothing companies out there with a plethora of wiggle dress designs to choose from. We love Vixen by Micheline Pitt for their daring busty looks which are perfect for making everyone in the room stare at you as you walk it - make Marilyn proud! There are also our pals over at Outerlimitz who are a home grown company from the south west just like us. Their Joan dress is the perfect dress to go from the office to the bar in. It hugs in all the right places and the lurex fleck looks amazing with some of our glitters.                                                                                                                                                          Of course, Marilyn didn't just wear wiggle dresses. In the earlier years of the 1950s the studios often dressed her in smart, tailored suits to contrast the glitz and glamour of her private life. In one of Marilyn's most famous screen appearances Gentlemen Prefer Blondes there are some incredible two-piece suits which have definitely stood the test of time. If you can't find yourself a vintage original, keep an eye on Prettie Lanes' designs as they have some vintage inspired pieces which can pass as the originals.



Marilyn Monroe frequented countless movie premiers and even more cocktail parties in her time. And what do these things call for? Why party dresses of course! Marilyn had one of the most famous party frocks in modern memory. Yup, we're talking about that dress when she sang that song for that president. Did you know that the rhinestone covered beauty sold for $4.8 million dollars back in 2016! You don't have to spend that much to look just as fabulous though.

Check out how Deadly Is The Female's Scarlett sequin dress combines Marilyn's sparkly 'Happy Birthday' dress with her equally iconic dress from the 1955 classic The Seven Year Itch. Marilyn was also partial to a fringe dress (aren't we all) and you can recreate her look from Some Like It Hot in one of Maria Aguye's hand tailored dresses. Finish the outfit off with a pair of 1950s style heeled mules, some complimentary vintage inspired jewellery and you're good to go!

Marilyn Monroe JFK Happy Birthday Mr President dress

What was your favourite Marilyn Monroe outfit? Let us know!

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Stacking on as normal

Stacking on as normal

Let's talk Coronavirus...

We just wanted to check in and make sure we’re all coping with these on-going changes, and also let you know what we are doing here at Splendette HQ. Going into the unknown is always a little scary, but together we can weather this storm and stack on for another day.

More than ever Eeva, and all of us here at Splendette, are so thankful for all your support. It really means so much that you are getting involved in supporting us and our other small business friends as much as you can .

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style midcentury tutti frutti stack Sherbet yellow red Rose pink Bon Bon leopard print

At the moment we are sending out all orders as normal. Eeva in the studio alone, safely tucked away so I can process your orders and any customer service questions you may have. Don’t worry - I still have the radio for company! Hannah and Amy are working from home, and will continue to do so until further notice. This way we are sticking to the government’s guidelines, protecting ourselves, and still stacking-and-packing as well as we can.

We are a small business. Splendette is our pride and joy, and we love creating dreamy vintage inspired jewellery for you lovely lot. We are crossing everything (yup, even toes) that COVID-19 will leave us untouched health wise and business wise. We completely understand that this is a scary time for us all, but small businesses need your love even more now. When you can, keep buying, keep sharing, keep shouting from the rooftops (well windows in this case) about your favourite small businesses.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style cool toned pastel stack with leopard print purple Parma Violet green Mint Sorbet blue Frosty

How else can you support us, I hear you ask. Did you know we do gift cards? They’re a great way to show your immediate support and you can then use them to get some Splendette goodies at a later date. A bonus for us, and a bonus for you! You can buy them from our website in denominations of £5-£100 to spend at any time in the future. You could also get your pal one to cheer them up!

And finally, we understand the importance of social distancing and self-isolation. As a result of this, if you need to return an order, as long as you have emailed about any possible returns, please do not worry about sending them back to us until you are able to do so. Stay safe, bangle buddies!

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Spring is here - and it's good enough to eat

Spring is here - and it's good enough to eat

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Finally spring is here and we can celebrate the launch of our new range Spring range. As the title suggests, it is heavily inspired by the nostalgic sweet shops, milkshake bars and diners that litter the vintage aesthetic of the 1950s. Although they look edible, we do ask you not to eat our jewellery...although flavoured bangles is something we wish we could do!

Let's introduce you to the new gang...

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion fakelite bangle stack pastel Coconut white Rose red pink Mint Sorbet green

Coconut, Rose, Mint Sorbet

First up we have Coconut. A milky off white fakelite which has that all-encompassing skill of bringing any and all stacks together. Its delicate nature softens the balance of a stack but it is also standout enough to be worn alone with a perfect pastel outfit. We're seeing it with pastel greens and pinks with full skirts and blossoms in your coiffured vintage hair. Dare we say it, Coconut would also look fabulous as part of a bridal outfit.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion carved fakelite pastel bangle stack tutti frutti yellow Sherbet red Rose pink Bon Bon

Warming it up a little (we could all do with a bit of that after the winter we had) Rose is a floral take on a classic colour pinky red. During the 1950s fashionistas used roses throughout their designs, so we have given this vintage inspired tone a revamp. We love it with Sherbet and Bon Bon for a tutti-frutti stack - a-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-bam!

Clean and fresh, just like the dentist ordered! Mint Sorbet is a cool green reminiscent of those vintage inspired tones popular in 1950s mid-century palettes seen in the wardrobe and the home. We know we have a lot of green lovers out there and can't wait to see how you pair it. Keep it cool with Frosty and Parma Violet or brighten it up like a field of daisies with Coconut and Sherbet.


Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion fakelite triptych of bangle stacks blue Frosty purple Parma Violet yellow Sherbet

Parma Violets are little bit like the Marmite of the sweet shop, right? Well we love how Parma Violet is looking currently so no haters here! It is a classically 1950s colour and we see pastel purples dotted throughout vintage fashions. Our Parma Violet is carved with mid-century inspired mini-starburst flowers which just make this floral number pop. We love it with the cooler toned bangles, or that staple choice of Coconut.

Does anyone remember Sherbet Fountains? Dib dabs? Sprinkling it on ice cream? I love that sweet but sharp tang sherbet has and our very own Sherbet is just like that. A vibrant but warm yellow with dotty carvings to highlight the milky undertones, Sherbet honestly brings a splash of sunshine to any stack. Don’t you think the necklace looks like little honey pots too?

We couldn’t do a vintage inspired pastel range and not do a blue. Your mind might immediately go to pink when thinking about 1950s colours (hello pink Cadillacs and strawberry milkshakes) but blue sits on the other team, the rival gang so to speak, and was just as popular. Frosty is the leader of the pack for our blues – cool by tone, cool by nature. But we’re all about being pals here. Why not stack Bon Bon and Frosty side by side and end the rivalry once and for all.

Last but by no means least we have Bon Bon. Our pinks are always some of our best sellers and we don’t think we’ll see a change in this with this season’s retro pastel Bon Bon. The iconic colour of Barbie, pinups and convertibles, our new pink mirrors the popularity of the shade during the 1950s. Pour yourself a milkshake, put on some lippy and enjoy all the sweetness of Bon Bon.

So there we have it! Spring 2020 is here! All of our bangles are available in all three widths (Narrow, Midi and Wide), in Regular, Duchess and in Maiden. There is also a matching bead necklace for all of the colours, and two varieties of earrings (hoop and drop hoop) for each as well. What’s your favourite? Are you in the Blue vs. Pink gang or are you a happy-go-lucky yellow, a quirky purple or lover-of-all white? Let us know below.

Splendette vintage inspired 1950s style fashion fakelite pastel collection of bangle stacks

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