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Events and Weekenders

Events and Weekenders

How many of y’all love a good weekender? I definitely do!! It’s a very different kettle of fish when you’re working but still super fun. This year, Splendette will be at:

Hemsby #60 18th-21st May (Piplotex stand)

The Rockabilly Rave 14th-18th June (Trading)

Atomic Vintage Festival 28th-29th July (Trading)

Hemsby #61 5th-8th October (Piplotex stand)

The Rhythm Riot 15th-19th November (Di Brooks’ stand)

Living in Bristol, I don’t get that many chances to go dancing so the weekenders are where I’ll really get my dancing shoes and best frocks on.

I’m going to quite a big wedding this weekend with lots of my friends that I know from going to events such as The Rockabilly Rave and The Rhythm Riot. I’m going with my boyfriend (not really into any of the vintage scene) and it occurred to me that he’s probably only met a handful of the people that will be there; people that I consider to be good friends, he’s never even met!

I love all of my friends that I've met through going to weekenders. Even if we don't see each other in between, everything is still exactly the same when we all get together again.

This then led me to think about weekenders and how it’s actually a completely different world to my everyday life. We meet up, work loads, mess around loads, drink rum, dance, have great hair and outfits, see amazing cars and clothes and generally break ourselves for a few days before (sadly) going home back to our other lives! For me, they always feel like they’re over far too quickly and the real world feels a bit grey when I leave.

I also really love meeting you all there. It's so lovely to put faces to familiar and new names and hopefully it's the same for you guys too!!

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What’re all of your favourite weekenders? Would love to hear how you feel about them! I’ll also be going to other events through the year so please do say hello if you’re there. I love to meet people face to face!

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New Season Gloriousness!

New Season Gloriousness!

Hurrah!! Spring is finally upon us and you know what a new season means, don’t you? NEW STYLES!! I love, love, love launching new ranges and I’m always dying to show everyone everything way before it’s ready. This lovely lot is launching tomorrow, 23rd March at 7pm GMT.

This season I was heavily inspired by springtime. I tried to encapsulate the feeling of when the loooong winter ends, flowers appear and the air starts to get warmer. At this time of year, everything feels more optimistic, with new life everywhere so I went for a really blossomy, light, floral theme with a vintage lucite inspired reverse carved design, adding colour to make them pop. I actually sampled some of these last year but as they conflicted with the amazing Miss Victory Violet range, I put them on ice for a year, which was really tough!

You guys are also huge fans of glitter so I’ve done more new items in glitter too, including beads and extending the colour range in the narrow glitter. Exciting!! There are six colours of floral design, each with their own complementary glitter and (of course) Fakelite colours. There are even a few VERY limited edition sets available. There are also 1950s lucite style hoops with the matching reverse carving design.


As you’ve probably seen, I like to mix up the models in each season’s shots (more on that in later posts) because there are just so many fabulous people out there, I want to have every single one on my website!! This season’s model was Rachel Frances who, as you can see, was PERFECT for this shoot. I also try and feature as many amazingly creative and talented clothing designers as I possibly can in my shoots and I’m always open to new ideas on this front.

SECRET TIME: I’m also planning a second summer launch later in the year, which is going to be a completely different look to this one. Keep yer peepers peeled on all social for further announcements.


Hope you love them as much as I do!

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Splendette is Blogging!

Splendette is Blogging!

Hiyaaa and welcome to the first Splendette blog post!

I thought this’d be a good time to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and what led me to this place!

I’m Eeva and I’m the owner, designer and everything elser here at Splendette! I’ve been into the whole vintage scene for around 15 years, now. My love of vintage started at uni when I discovered vintage shops (we didn’t have such a thing in the Lake District!) and, as I was in a big city and studying a fashion degree, I began to experiment with my style.

I started to get more era specific when I began swing dancing in London and tended to look more to the 40s for style inspiration (as best as I could, for a newbie!)

When I started going to events such as the Rockabilly Rave and the Rhythm Riot, I found I loved to jive more than anything ever and really began to build my wardrobe and find my feet with my style, leaning more towards the 1950s with my personal look. I also did a few hair courses with Lipstick and Curls, which REALLY helped me out!

I started Splendette 3 years ago as I saw a gap in the market for realistic Bakelite looking jewellery at affordable prices. I began the business with just 8 styles of bangle and 3 styles of earring on my little table at the very first Atomic Vintage Festival.


Since then, I’ve grown the business each year and am now doing this full time with a couple of helpers for my orders.

I always design everything from scratch and my inspiration comes from all things 1940s and 1950s, with a splash of 60s for good luck. It can be the smallest thing that sets the design cogs whirring, the Starburst ranges I’ve done were inspired by a handbag I once saw and the deep green fakelite carving was inspired by snakes. I’m constantly thinking about my next ranges!

Nowadays I like to mix up my style between the late 40s and 50s, which I suppose helps me with the design process!

So, there’s a bit more about me and my background, please check in for further blog posts and please do let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in future posts!

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